BIG THANKS to Flats, Smiled and the Crew

What an Awesome day.

Sorry I had to leave you at Wantage, but I had an awesome time.

What a Day, can’t wait to see some photos.

Thanks Guys.


mate…just like to say thankyou all for making this happen…you guys rocked as not one cornerman issue!!!..fantastic!!!hope spear who came off is ok…and huge thanks to MACP for comming all the way from Ireland…smashing!!!

it was a long ride and i am so tired…but me and flats both hope you guys enjoyed your day…we spent months organising this and apart from one incident…it went without a hitch…

some great roads there which is what Guy left us to remember him by…believe me when i say he was riding with us today…;).

Thanks to Tuggs and tiggi for being tale end Charlie…and well…theres nothing more to say than we hope everyone had a good time…

huge thanks to Andrew&7 + PJ + PJ’s Son…9sorry ,didnt catch his name) for organising photo’s…cant wait to see em!!!

this ride had it all…sunshine…fast roads…slow complex bends…sweeping corners…and both wheels off the ground on bridges…awesome!!


Gutted I couldn’t make this today guys, but so happy you all had a great day out! I’m certain Guy would have been grinning at the thought of you all doing this in remembrance of him… :wink:

Well done to the organisers. Kudos! :cool:

Just got back drenched after I had to go through the ford that is known as the South Circular! :w00t: Rain caught me up again in Epsom.

But what a great day! Thanks to Smiled, Flats and co for organising, Tugs for tailgunning and everyone there for making it an amazing day… I hung back on one of the corners and just the site of all the bikes going past was enough to put a smile from ear to ear! :smiley:

One of the best days I’ve had in the UK in the past 9.5 years I’ve been living here! :smiley:

Don’t get out much then? :hehe: :rolleyes: You never done the Mayday run??

Wheres the ride report!!! I wanna read it…Sounded a good ride out!!Dunno about the best day in the UK in 10 years…lol :hehe: thats a bit extreme…

Thanks to everyone who organised and was there. I love big group rideouts :slight_smile:

I’ll post a video once it’s uploaded :smiley:

Thanks for taking the time to organise such a great day. I had a fantastic time.

The cornerman system worked seamlessly.

Big thanks to Smiled & Flats, and to the VIP guests:

(Sorry not to get a photo of Barry, but he did not look as gorgeous:D:D)

A little video of Smiled at the rideout.:smiley:

Sorry Shane but the video footage of ur bike was vibrating too much. That seat cover was loose

Wow what a day I ache like a Mofo!! Thanks to smiled for being my partner in crime… Tugs and Tigs for taking it up the rear… Patrick for coming all the way from Ireland! Martin Kev & the Lovable JC for pillion duties, Mandy, Barry and Amanda for there presence and allowing us to Honour Guy in this way PJ and Andrew & for the Piccies (sorry for the confusion) & Andrew again for the loan of the scala rider that was such a great help! All the LB staff including Jay who is apparently in big trouble for coming out to play… apparently!!

But most of all I feel everyone who came today should have the biggest thanks… a rideout is as only good as its riders and Cornermen and you lot did a 100% sterling job and I cant thank you enough for making it go as smooth as it did, top draw!!!

Unfortunatley staying at the Ace as long as I did was a mistake, the storm we caught the edge of on the way to the ace; I hit on the way home and I got ******* soaked the M40 was like a river and I couldnt see shit But I powered through and out the otherside… there was no way I was stopping…

Anyway home! had a brew, showered ordered a pizza…

Thanks everyone for a cracking day, on relection gutted that this time Last year I was chasing Puppy… But he was with us today I know it and he was somewhere out infront we miss you mate and hope today showed you that…

Cheers LB you are the best!

Had a great day, I did have to stop at two roundabouts, coz no one was there. but yes great day thanks guys:D

Anyone see where Jay went?

last i heard he was saying

“were the fcuk are we maan”…:laugh:

like Si said, he’s in the shit with his mrs…


:laugh: :laugh:

He looked a bit stressed out on that last stop I think he needed to be home 3 hours ago… reckon he maybe grounded now

Very many thanks to Smiled & Flats for leading us there and back, and Tugs + Tiggi for tailgunning :DIt was another excellent day out with great company :)BrgdsMartin

Got home about five minutes ago. Sleep soon. Cracking day. Need more.

Jay last seen exiting Tesco car park at the M40 roundabout. :slight_smile:

Cheers to all for making it a great day. :slight_smile:

was that you lot coming through Marlow at about 5

About two thirds of the group, yes. Some went other ways.

We managed to catch people we hadn’t seen since the Hill stop on the M4 - doing about 75 on the motorway, which was odd :smiley:

Today was the best day I’ve had in a very long time. :smiley: I thoroughly enjoyed literally every single minute.

A huge thank you to Flats and Smiled for organising the ride. You definitely both did Puppy proud.

Thank you also to Kevsta for taking me pillion, and to JC and Martin for taking Mandy and Barry.

Cracking day…thank you! :D:D:D:D