BIG THANKS to Flats, Smiled and the Crew

Jays been found he was asleep at his mums…

with or without his plums:D:D:D:w00t:

You’re one to talk! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Just to echo everyone else , had an amazing day , well done Shanus and Bumder for going that extra mile to make it all run smoothly , and Tigs and Tugs for Tailgunning !

And everyone else who turned up , rode well and made today an amazing day and one for the LB scrap book !

Big pat on the back all !

P.S I never managed to get anyone at home to massage my ass.

Great day, thanks! A remarkably smooth and enjoyable ride for such a large number of bikers. Amazing too how the weather held until the last minutes of entering London … to be welcomed with forked lighting and thunder. Awesome :slight_smile:

thank you for letting me scrounge off you for the ice cream and bottle of coke and also to the random person who bought me a bottle of water in the first petrol station, i’ll eventually buy you one back

Big Thank You To You All Brilliant Ride And Day Out

thank you all for the lovely day. I was always hoping to find nice roads for biking, yesterday I did.
The organisation was perfectly, I hope to ride with you again.
Happy Easter.

Thanks to …

Smiled & Flats for leading the group
Tugs & Tiggi for tail gunning
and all the good corner men

A great day with some great company. A little bit of thunderbolt and lighting accompanied by a few spots of rain as we meandered our way along the M40 Ace bound, was that Puppy’s sense of humour?

Bring on the photos

Very many thanks to Flats, Smiled and Tugs. A well organised and executed day - good sights, good roads and fun. A fitting tribute to ‘Puppy’. I look forward to the St George’s Day Rideout being an annual ‘Puppy Memorial Ride’.

Thanks for organising lads:D. Was good to see some old faces and put some names to new ones. Had a belting day!

Now need to get my husky fixed:blink:

What a fantastic idea. I would absolutely love for that to happen.

Maybe Flats and Smiled could give that idea some thought…?? :slight_smile:

We’ll echo everyone’s thanks to Flats & Smiled! Thanks matey’s, had a brilliant day! It was great to catch up with everyone again, loved every minute of it! Took too many photos yet again! Hope people will want a copy with all proceeds going to LONDON AIR AMBULANCE.

Please let Ang & Mark or Andy P know if you would like a copy, I’m sure I captured the majority of you!:slight_smile:

I think its pretty much a Given that one it was after all his rideout…

It was great to hear you all enjoyed it, and it was great to see some faces not seen in a while and Adam h on a proper bike again… how long will it take to lose your licence?

Big thanks for Flats and smiley;) and Tugs and Tiggi and everyone who turned up, was some fantastic roads and thoroughly enjoyed the whole day shame some of you could’nt make the barbie cos of the weather but we did’nt get any rain here so those that came enjoyed themselves:D Snappy i’ll have a disc of pic’s please:hehe:
Same again next year then? :wink:

passed you lot going the other on my gs on my way to henley;)


Anyone else still a bit sore?

My left elbow and hip ache a shed load after that caravan clouted me.
By the sounds of it though, the caravan had more damage :slight_smile:

My arse isnt so tender now! back was still aching this morning but ok after a rub! dont think I could of done another long ride today

I feel fine…then again i ride a sofa:)