Big Brother

Loadda Fun or Loadda Bo11ox?

love it. highlight of the tv year. normally takes a week or two to get used to the housemates tho.yes i am a sad git!!

i watch them going in and stop, then when it gets down to like the final 7 or 8 then its compulsive viewing

its rare i watch tv at all… let alone BB

a load of borrox…tho my workmates tell me i could win it:w00t::w00t::smiley:

Utter crap tbh, but always end up watching it anyway :blink:

Annndddddd… Davina McCall is such a milf :smiley:

I can`t stand tyhe programme but my misses loves it.

I’m with Adz, TV is for when there’s no books, no magazines, no mates, no bikes, no Ace Cafe, no rideouts, no cars, no friends, no music and the garage has already been tidied up this week :slight_smile:

Apart from Have I got news for You and the very odd interesting program, like a Year in Tibet a few months ago :stuck_out_tongue:



bring back shilpa shetty!.

oops forgot the time
need to go to the shop quick before it starts !

It’s utter crap. I don’t watch much TV but I can’t even bear to be in the room when any reality TV is on. Thankfully for this years BB I’ve got a garage to be tinkering about in :slight_smile:

Add me to Rusty’s post.

Can’t stand soaps let alone the lazy TV that is “reality”. Utter bo**cks.

It’s totally sh*te but totally addictive! I love the fact that C4 manages to find the best weirdos this country has to offer and locks them all up for 3 mths until they crack - fabulous :stuck_out_tongue:

biggest bunch of retards to date, going to be an irritating summer :unsure:

loada ******!

load of bo!!ocks!!!

i thought i`d be safe from bb on here but it seems to have crept in grrrrrrrrrrrr

is there no way of banning it from the site???

It will NEVER be on in this house, total [email protected] wont even read about it in papers

No TV - no problem