Best Place To Buy Leathers?

Bearing in mind I’m quite a big chap, is there anywhere in particular I should look for leathers?

Also, as I mentioned somewhere else, I’m being told for track days I need to buy a 1 piece as this will soon be the minimum standard? Can anyone confirm or deny this? I think I would rather buy 2 piece if I can.

I got mine from eBay. They sent me a diagram, I measured myself then a kid in a Pakistani sweatshop make them.

Tried and tested by myself at 40mph and the leather barely scratched. A bargain at £150 (now £175 I think). They use CE approved armour too.

if you want made to measure these guys are in herts and very good I had them alter some leather trousers this year and they had a good range of one and two piece leathers. No idea about one piece only being allowed. Prefer 2 piece myself.

I think a 2 piece is ok if it zips right round.

I really don’t like the idea of a onesie

Hideout look a bit expensive. :frowning:

Daniel, do you have a link? Do you get lots of colour options?

These are my exact ones

They also have the zips to attach the top and bottom so they can be used on the track if I remember correctly

When you get time, can you check if yours do? Would be a bit of a waste if they didn’t as that’s the main reason I’m looking to get them :slight_smile:

I was about to post to ask about these -

Which I guess are similar, but more expensive.

I’m rather liking the shop you used, their red Honda suit :slight_smile:

I see a suit like Herr Schmidt’s, is this where he got his?

The honda one does have it. It says in the listing.

I can see why the other ones are more expensive. They use 1.3 - 2.6mm thick leather. I would like to know how much of the suit is actually 2.6mm though.

Give second hand leathers a try. There’s Essex Bikers Centre on Ebay who have a range of Dainese, Alpinestars etc at good prices.

These guys make fit-to-measure wolf leathers… I’ve heard only good things about them :slight_smile:

PM Lewis/ Mel as I think one of them (or both) got leathers from there

When I got my Arc-on leathers they tailored an existing size to suit me and made them in the colours I wanted (even photographed my helmet to match). They were £400. If you are going to get Arc-on please don’t get yellow ones as I like to be unique.

As for the 1 piece vs 2 piece debate. A one piece feels like another layer of skin, it’s the most comfortable thing I own when I’m holding the right posture.

Oh and the late Puppy said that Scott leathers were sh1te. He was very critical of his made to measure suit and the farce of an experience he had with them.

Thanks all.

I might see if I can ride out to the Essex one and try some on over the weekend. I guess if I can get branded for under £300, that’s probably the best buy.

Andy , you seem to be a similar size to me , I have a set of Arc On leathers hanging up in the garage I dont use.

Let me know if you are interested in them , and we can sort something out.

Its these :

Thanks, but I’m looking to colour co-ordinate, so looking for white/red styleee :wink:

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I find that Hein Gericke make great quality leathers and you can get their stuff second hand on ebay for very reasonable rates.