Best non-alcoholic drink?

I’m needing to change my favourite, beer, for something little less alcoholic, as in non-alcoholic. I like to say I drink 3 times a week however, it’s more like 5, sometimes 6 and sometimes seven times a week. After giving up smoking two weeks ago I’ve noticed I really enjoy drinking more.

What the most relaxing non-alcoholic drink you can get?

No help to you but I’ve just discovered Banana Bread Beer after a mate told me about it. So so nice.

Methadone? :smiley:

Nesquick, found a tub of it at the back of the cupboard the other day and have been like a 10 year old since. chocolate milk nom nom nom


Can’t beat tea, drinking a cup of tea right now, which for those that know me is no surprise at all. People hear my bike coming and put the kettle on, cause they know I will want a cup of tea :smiley:

tea, coffee (though either of these might get you a bit addicted to caffeine too :wink: ), or hot/cold chocolate with milk (not the one with water, those are fubar) :w00t:

You cant beat a nice mug of Bovril and a bag of Twiglets .

Badger Juice

Non alcoholic beers, Bavaria, Cobra and Carlsberg all taste good, Becks is awful.

Paint Stripper


Soda and lime if I’m out. Plain old water if I’m home.

Quim juice

green tea…if you want it cold just put ice :smiley: iced green tea!! :stuck_out_tongue:

or you can brew earl grey tea, mixed it with orange juice and mint and ice :slight_smile:

Well done;)
Drinks… juice, any tea, ice cream-cocktails… :slight_smile:

I think I’m gonna stick to tea, it seems to be the best so far. I ended up drinking 2ltrs of diet coke the other night and staying up til 2am. Felt almost hungover the other day. I just need something to the replace the cigarettes.

Or maybe I should just drink vodka and skip eating?

I drink non alcoholic beer, either Becks or Cobra.

non-alcoholic beer is like using a blow up doll, it’s just not the real thing

To replace the sigarettes - You need (or any other candy which you have to suck)

Just take the candy everytime when you wanna take a sigarrette)
You will win twice - 1. You will not wanna smoke. 2. You will have fresh breath):smiley:
Since I gave up with smoking I still have habbit eat candies):slight_smile:

About eating - don’t eat fastfood and don’t drink all those syntetic drinks. Specially drink like that

You even can’t imagine how it is harmful for you.:slight_smile:

Pondering stopping smoking as well, may just try that with the candies :w00t: