Best news ever

Thanks Cass :).

Yeah I probably am. I’ve been told by a couple of screws I spoke to at Holloway Woman’s Prison (where I done all the tests and assessments) that no 2 days are ever the same!

Click here for the link. Bookmark it and keep an eye on it. Also, keep an eye on the bonuses for working at certain prisons. Don’t give up your job until you’ve passed the vetting process too as the chances are you will be unemployed for 6-9 months if you do that. I started my application last September and only got the call about my contract this morning.

Good luck :).


Your telling me! Your no better though as you blamed me!

Dont they do drugs testing

No idea but thats why I haven’t had a splif in over a year. Not worth risking the job.

My local lockup. Literally 10 minutes away. The fellow who stole my Triumph was locked up in there for a little while (not long enough in my opinion!). Good on getting the job you want. Good luck and enjoy the opportunities that arise.

yup, likewise. Tough job, glad someone wants to do it.

congrats!! I think that’s two screws on london bikers now :smiley:

@makman - At least the person go caught. Most of them get away with it. Thanks :).

@banman - There are worse jobs out there. The main reason why I really wanted to do this was because I had an office job and I got a bit bored of getting paid to do nothing. I also couldn’t see any chance of payrise or promotion.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Who’s the other screw?

GULP! :ermm:

As a member of this forum, I am pleased that something you wished for has become a reality! Other than that I’m staying schtum!

Thanks :)… Feel free to say it I’m not like our mutual friend I’m not going to start crying about it. Hope you got your Daily Mail ready for Friday as well :P.

If you can’t say it on here because its a public forum or whatever feel free to PM. I like hearing different views on things as they can open my mind to a different way of thinking.

Well done Daniel, am sure the prisoners will be very happy to have you looking after them :smiley: Let us know if you get to chat to any serial killers and good luck with the training!

Thanks Hels. :). I’ll write a little post titled “A day in the life of a prison officer” when I’ve been in the job a month or so.

Well done luvvie :smiley: the other “screw” is Gaz hurst…close friend of Rixxys :wink:

9 weeks? You could watch all 6 series of Oz in a week if you put your mind to it, what else do you need to know :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations Dan :smiley:

Well done, it always looks busy there and that the outside! dread to think how busy the inside is… :slight_smile:

Well done and good luck :slight_smile:

congrats you big gay bear :slight_smile:

well done Dan & good luck with it mate…