Best news ever

Some of you many know I was going though the process to become a prison officer at Belmarsh Prison. As it had been ages ago I had kind of given up on it. At 10:06 I got a call from HMPS recruitment saying all my security checks had been passed and Belmarsh had approved my application.

The result of the phone call? Contract will arrive in 2-4 weeks and I will start my 9 week training immediately after.

good luck dan, you have deff picked a big boy prison,

Thanks Kulj. Slightly better cash and more opportunity of overtime.

Nice one :slight_smile: Well done.

Thanks Andy

I might end up seeing you down there when I have to go and interview prisoners :smiley:

Are you going to be working/based in Woolwich Crown Court?

Great news mate!

Thanks mate :slight_smile:

Congrats Dan!
Some good employment news in amongst all the bad

Thanks mate :).

Oh my god, Daniel is a screw:laugh::laugh:

well done Daniel xxx

Well done :smiley:

Better get that gorgeous hair cut off before the inmates ride you like a sea biscuit :stuck_out_tongue:

I know how badly you wanted this, and I’m so happy for you :kiss:

just aswell its you dan an not rob he cant be trusted with is own key :smiley: well done.

@Rioting Rob - Someone has to keep them in check :stuck_out_tongue:

@SilveR6 - Thanks Alba :slight_smile: :kiss:

@Karleigh - Thanks :). I might cut it off depending what the shifts/hours are like because I like to look after my hair and no point of having it if its going to look shabby as I’ll just look like a hobo. Plus I’ll prob start getting the salt and pepper looks because my mum went grey around my age and I’ve already got a couple of grey hairs.

Chuffed to bits for you… Well done.

Thanks Amit. :).

Ah Dan thats brilliant!! Well done!!

You’re going to have some interesting stories for us down at the hut about your bitches!! Can’t wait! :smiley:

Nice one Dan!
Do you know if there are any other positions available?