Best news ever

Thank you all :slight_smile:

Well done Mr Barrowclough. :slight_smile:

I believe that is a compliment so I shall thank you graciously :).

Well done Dan hope it all goes well for you


good luck, belmarsh is a tough one, my brother is an officer in isis.

hope all goes well, congrats!

@Iang - Thanks mate :slight_smile:

@Ratty - Thanks :). I’m just telling myself all prisons are the same lol

Well done Dan, that’s excellent news.

We look forward to the stories!

Thanks rich2302

i was in belmarsh once

…did poxy jury service there. while there was an eclipse on. missed the whole eclipse because the judge was a miserable old fart. the case was all because someone chucked a can of beans at another person.

also congrats daniel!!

Belmarsh is fairly close to me i think.

Lool a can of beans!

Thanks mate :).

Nice one mate. I know a couple of guys that do it and it is a really tough job… Stay on your toes.

Thanks mate. I will do :slight_smile:

Mate of mine has it pretty good, works a week of night shifts then gets the week after off every time! Nice.

sorted you got a hardcore set of inmates in there should be instresting
dish out some beats too lol

I’ve just got my contract and I will start on the 16th July 2012 at 09:15… Its going to be interesting trying to get up in time :crazy:.

How far is it from your house? I always find a large cafeteria of coffee to kick start the day helps :slight_smile:

14miles or 30 minutes.

I always get up so late that I barely have time to get dressed lol.

Go to work half dressed is just what those offenders are looking or. Fresh meat… Just remember not to pick up the soap…

I’ll probably get there and all my bits have fallen off due to the cold so they won’t be interested :stuck_out_tongue: