Best Honda dealer/place for parts in London?


I live 10 minutes from Chiswick Honda and whilst I have no problem with going there and ordering parts, or ordering them over the phone for collection later on, I was wondering if there was a place that is more likely to stock parts that don’t need ordering somewhere in London?

The parts I’m after specifically (this time!) are for a 2006 CG125, right hand side gasket (clutch side) and also a smaller gasket for the centrifugal oil filter inside.

I know the BMW “Park Lane” have a service desk in Battersea which always seems to have the obscure stuff I want without having to wait a few days so was wondering if there was a Honda equivalent?!

Thank you!

Personally I would use ANY dealer in London rather than Chiswick Honda.
Last time I was in there to test ride a bike I was given a total hard sell by an asshat salesman who flat out told me he was ‘the best salesman I would ever encounter’ and I should buy the bike he was selling rather than the S1000 that I preferred.
He said I ‘didn’t deserve’ the S1000 yet as I hadn’t been riding long enough.

I occasionally go back there to go to the Infinity Motorcycles outlet they have there but I’ll absolutely never buy a bike or anything else from them.

Second thoughts

Local Motor Factors

Side casing gasket you can make from gasket paper/sheet (or the side of a cornflake box) seal using clear RTV silicone on both sides.

The oil filter plug gasket is a 35 x 3 mm ‘O’ ring

Thanks for the replies! - have since found a thread that says Metropolis might be worth checking out.

I have heard lots of bad stuff about Chiswick Honda but as I’d never buy a bike from them I think it’s alright. Does sound like you’ve had a crap experience there though! Oh well, another reason to avoid the sales dept for me then! I used to go there when it was Hein Gericke in the old days.

I only use their parts counter as they’re 10 minutes on my bicycle away from my house and so far I’ve had no problems - ordered many parts through them and I guess you can’t really go wrong if you know what you’re ordering. I usually look up the part numbers in advance to give to them. If I can wait I might be able to get stuff cheaper on eBay of course, depending on what it is.

I used to use Lings once but it’s mail order and therefore offers me no advantages to using Chiswick Honda down the road.

The two gaskets I’m after are both on the right side… rather than the O ring for draining the oil. Is there any disadvantages for using a cornflake box? Heard this was possible once from an old friend! An engine that leaks oil onto the pavement etc?

Could try hgb in ruislip?

Ebay, it usually arrives in a few days.

David Silver is great for Honda- online catalogue but deliveries were always pretty quick

David Silver doesn’t do a lot of the modern stuff. There was some sort of disagreement several years ago as people were getting modern spares and accessories cheaper than Honda main dealers. Still covers lots of models though, and for older Honda bike it is the place to go.

@hogtrumpet was the sales quite a tall big fellow? When I test rode a CBF1000f he asked me what else I was testing, and then promptly began to tell me everything else was utter shit, and x brand were unreliable, y brand has no spares in the UK, and the spares for that brand were grossly overpriced, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

Wasn’t interested in his negative views, and it put me off the CBF not because it was bad back, but because he had nothing positive to say about Honda or bike, but seemed to be filled with negativity about other manufacturers bikes. Utter tripe.

Hey Kevsta- no, it was a short, fat bloke.
He said he was ‘the boss’ (about 10 times).
Found out later he isn’t the boss, he is the guy who runs/manages motorbike sales.

I don’t mind salesmen doing there thing- I come from a sales background myself.
What annoyed me was how inept the guy was at it.
He was pushing WAY too hard, wasn’t reading my very obvious body language signals telling him to STFU.
He tried to talk me into getting finance that I didn’t need (was a cash buyer).
Tried to talk me into buying a year old bike when I said I wanted a new one.
He rattled off how I would lose £7k in the first year buying an S1000 in depreciation and servicing costs, because I’d lose £5k on the bike and the servicing would be £1000 a time.
It was all completely bullshit and totally unbelievable.
So either I come across as a complete muppet who will believe anything, or he was just really bad at it.

Yeah, I think that is the same guy, he said he was the head of sales. Sounds like I’m not the only one who walked away from a Honda because of their premiere UK dealer.

It was so sad that Slocombes & Lloyd Cooper lost the Honda franchise.

Quote: “Personally I would use ANY dealer in London rather than Chiswick Honda.”


Thanks for the replies guys!

Popped into Motoden and whilst they didn’t have them in stock the nice guy who I asked charged me £10 for £10.91 for the gaskets (I have to admit, I’m a sucker for genuine parts sometimes…). Whilst we’re discussing dealers, Motoden seem like really nice folk who seem to look after their customers… just read their reviews online and the majority is good, which is rare and impressive!

I can’t really understand why a Honda main dealer is so awful to be honest… rather, I can’t understand why they fail to improve… This has been a problem for a while, pushy salesmen and after sales no better. I’m guessing it’s poor management from top to bottom? I know Honda have a mystery guest shopper system that they do on Sales…

How come Slocoombes and Lloyd Cooper lost their Franchises out of curiosity? I’m guessing they were a bit expensive to keep up with?

Learn a little every day!

From I understand Lloyd Cooper lost the Franchise when they refused to have a dedicated areas for Honda only, and Slocombes owner at the time was being told how to how his Franchise, and what it should be like, etc. He told them to feck off.

Thread resurrection here.

I’ve been into Motoden this afternoon, and good shout Junglizt1210.  Very impressed with them, and not to far from work either.

If Chiswick Honda is a bicycle ride away, then Bill Bunn in Ealing probably has some small parts…

I think I know the sales chap you are referring to. Matthew Dent is a good guy. Maybe ask to speak to him specifically if you are looking to buy a bike. You can see them all here.

+1 for David Silver

But can second the cornflakes cardboard box method… that too is an “original” :slight_smile:

I think I know the sales chap you are referring to. Matthew Dent is a good guy. Maybe ask to speak to him specifically if you are looking to buy a bike. You can see them all here.

Sorry Joby, I know that you like Chiwick Honda, but every time that I have used them (service, parts, sales) I have always come away with a negative experience and a resulting distaste of the place.  It's happened so many times that I will not ever use them again for anything, to do so would simply be enabling the poor customer service, appalling sales staff, and indifferent service staff. 

I use Motoden, as they are just up the road from work. Guys at the service desk are good guys; no experience of sales dept though. They also offer free bike parking, or at least used to.