Best fish and chips in London?

Since moving to London I haven’t had a decent dish of fish and chips in over a year now. Everywhere I’ve gone has been thoroughly dissapointing and sometimes damright disgusting. I don’t venture out for fish and chips that often so it’s a rare treat but I’m always left feeling quite disgusted.

There must be a decent fish and chip shop somewhere. All the local ones are total toss, I went up camden on someone’s recomendations but unfortunately it was disgusting. Horrible wet slimey batter, soft mushy chips… urgh.
The best place I’ve been to so far is Westminster, The Laughing Halibut , it’s in Strutton Ground market. It’s the best i’ve been to in London so far but quite average on a national scale.

I’ve found eating out in London is generally very hit and miss and shops rely on passing trade so they don’t work on quality that either makes or breaks a small town chipshop.

There’s got to be some real winners out there, I’m not completely taken by some of these fish and chip shops self-reporting to be “gourmet” and offer you a fine dining experience over something that is usually consumed from a paper wrap in the street. But if they’re the only way to really have a good fish and chips experience then I’ll give it a whirl.

So, any suggestions? I’m prepared to travel.

Sole and Plaice in Holborn. Nice chips too! Good fresh fishes.

Fish Central in Old Street. Have with any beer, or south American white and you can’t go wrong. Don’t bother ordering starters - the main is enough on its own. I always end up with leftovers.

It is a lot down to personal preference. Many people like their chips fat with a doughy white center, some like a harder white center.

I like my chips crispy and crunchy. So if I follow some people’s recommendations, I find the chips horrible and if they go to my favourite chip shop they find the chips horrible, but I love em like that.

Had my first bag of chips this year out in Grays, Essex, as I was feeling peckish and they smelt good. Not a great deal of chips, felt the shop was a bit stingy on that side, but the chips themselves were pretty damn good.

The Sea Shell 49-51 Lisson Grove, London NW1 6UH

interweeby linky here

Really like Toffs in Muswell Hill

I treat myslef here on a Friday sometimes, all local trade and it’s always busy which is a good sign - it’s not ‘gormet’ fish and chips, but it’s ‘proper’ fish and chips if you know what I mean :slight_smile:

Is a cracking chippy, always really busy at lunchtime so fish is always fresh and the batter nice & crispy.

Not a fan of their chips - bit too soggy for me. But their fish in matzo - HELL YEAH.

Ken’s Fish Bar in between Herne Hill and Dulwich - excellent food and a good price!

I did go to Poseidon in East Finchley a few year back, that was pretty good from what I remember:

I think I’m gona go treat myself this friday somewhere.

A bit far out but White House in Stanmore and Sea Pebbles in Hatch End

+1. World famous.

I’m gonna get myself to that plaice tomorrow. It’s only around the corner from me, well, 15 minutes around the corner. I Shall report back after I’ve scoffed it down.

Funny this should appear today, I’m picking myself up some from here: tonight… Havent had some for ages.

Often there’s a queue out of the door. Only catch is the price, but it is fancy Vic Park village, and is worth it anyway IMO.

Far better to resist the cravings until you can get to the seaside. The only reason for going to Southend is the fish & chips. Either of the pubs at Dungeness are great too.

Skipjacks Streatfield Road Harrow, they won an award for best fish and chips in London and the South east a few years ago.

Be warned many chip shops are not at their best this time of year as they use new seasons spuds, Blech, too oily:(

I know the best CHiPs in London!!!

I have heard Olley’s in Herne Hill are the best Fish and Chips in London - I have friends who have been there, but it’s kind of a poshed up and priced up chippie. Am not sure how it would compare to proper chips - which are always outside London - preferably near the North Sea in some windswept beach town:)

fish! in borough market does pretty nice fish, made all the better by the looks on peoples faces when I fill the office with vinegary cod aroma on a friday afternoon :slight_smile:

I’m still searching for a local chippy that does steak pudding, chips & gravy though.