Best fish and chips in London?

Best chippy I’ve been to (and I’ve been all over the country stuffing my face with fish and chips) is in Isleworth, West London

It’s on the corner of Linkfield Road and Twickenham Road

Not strictly London Central but bloody good grub

Fryers Delight, theobolds road oppersite the Police station

Ideal Fish Bar, Pinner

Been to most of the above and would ride past em to get to these :wink:

Built on the rep of the previous owners, use to see film stars queing up to sit down in the resturant and a bag of chips use to be past down the que :slight_smile:

I know which the worst Fish N Chips are - the chippie down Streatham Hill near me - soggy fatty chips and rather ‘elderly’ fish. Although they taste better if you are really hungry.

Fish and chip shop in East Barnet village.

Seafresh in Wilton Road SW1 across the road from the old Bus Garage / now posh sainsburys are nice - been there for years.

Seine Rigger in Banstead Just off the (not so anymore) Mad Mile A217.

And there’s a nice one in Walton on the Hill too

Friends Fish & Chips…

Its pricy if you eat in but well worth it. If your not feeling too flush just get a take out and eat it on your bike :hehe:

Its down the road near near Woodhouse College opposite milk shake city.

That is where I go or to The Sea Cow in Lordship Lane, Dulwich.
Both lovely.

Ken’s on Half Moon lane is better, food and price wise than Olley’s - though they do have a larger selection of fish to choose from. The Sea Cow is good.