Best 125cc for fast 0-30mph

Hi folks, I have been riding a second hand Suzuki GN 125cc for the last 3 weeks commuting within London. Extremely disappointed with the take-off from traffic lights. I find that I have to change gears upto 3rd to get through to about 20mph and this takes so long that cars accelerate right up behind me and try to overtake :frowning: - very dangerous and scary. The bike is ok from about 25mph to about 40mph

My question to those who have ridden various 125cc’s, can you recommend a bike for learners that will accelerate 0-30mph quickly so cars don’t feel the need to try and overtake a slow motorbike. (Kymco Kr Sport 125, Honda CBF 125, etc ?). Thanks

Aprilia RS-125

Theres no substitute :smiley:

I think they are all much of a much’ness to be honest (unless you get a 2 stroke).

This may be a given - but are you dominating your lane or riding in the gutter? If you sit comfortably in your lane - there is no reason why cars should try to or be able to overtake you from a standing start unless they have monster engines/are twunts

Thanks to both of you for your response (I read the Aprilia 125 is unreliable hence I didnt go there???)

Mr C- thanks for the riding tips - they are good reminders for me. The scenario I describe above is when I am first to set off from the lights and no one else is in front. Need a faster 125cc

I only mention it because twice in the last few weeks I’ve seen a city type on a scooter riding at 10/15 in the gutter - meaning everyone has to swing out wide to get around him … I’m not sure if the bike is knackered and physically won’t go faster or if he just doesn’t have a clue …

If you are at the front of a row of traffic and have nobody else in front of you as the light changes to green … then there really is no reason why you’d need a “faster” 125 … you should be able to get away faster than anything smaller than a BMW/Audi/etc or anything else with a meaty engine (and they could only get around you if they were wholly intent on getting around you - whether it’s dangerous or not).

From your signature I see you’ve gone from having a scooter to a geared bike … not wishing to offend … but do you know how/when to change gears most effectively?

Where do you live/work? I’d be happy to try and explain/show you what a 125 can do if you are anywhere near the City/Islington :slight_smile:

Go for the CBF125 - the best low-end-torque 4stroke around - got 6% more torque than the CBR125 and 14% more torque than the CG125. With a handful of hard-to-hear revs and a smooth clutch, it’ll get you to 30+mph at the top of 2nd gear and quickly - it pulls nicely up to 40mph, after that, it’s still a quick hop to 50, but then it depends on the gradient - on a downhill with a fart and the wind behind you, it’ll go past 80mph, so rumour has it :smiley:

But if you really want it, like the man said, you gots to go 2stroke with the priller - get over a ton top speed on them things… not that anyone would, naturally :wink:

…for at least 30 seconds until the engine explodes!

I overtake whilst in my car if the biker is slow but don’t do it dangerously. I got a powerful car and can zip past slow traffic easily and safely.

The point I was making was that 4 stroke 125’s are much of a much’ness … (though I’m happy to be corrected on this point if I’m wrong) … and the OP shouldn’t need to buy a new bike/wouldn’t feel any benefit … unless he bought a 2 stroke … but that’s a different bag of tricks altogether ain’t it.

I mean - you rode to Bikesafe with three 125’s … two CBR125’s which would be considered “sporty” … and me, two up, on a “utilitarian” YBR125 … with negligable/(dare I say no) difference between us when talking about 0-30mph speeds … :slight_smile:

The GN should not be that slow taking off from the lights, and 3rd gear for 20mph sounds like something is wrong with the bike not necessarily the model, might need to take it to a garage, or get someone to give it a test ride to see if it really is that bad.

You should be able to slip the clutch to get away from the lights in a decent manner, it is a technique that requires some practice but does work well :slight_smile:

But upgrades are also nice :slight_smile: get a nice new RS125 and you will have grins that will last a lifetime :slight_smile: or just pass your big bike test :wink:

Dunno about the 125, but the GN250 is one of the nost sluggish bolides ever produced.I can well believe that the 125 is the same.

Agreed, there’s not much difference in the 125s. Regards to speeds on Bikesafe, we all rode together comfortably and kept up with each other.

I had a R125 and they were not fast at all.

Thank you all for your comments. I am tempted by the Aprilia RS 125
but its too pricey for a 125 especially if , as some people say, it can let you down -
but being a bloke, I’m still tempted :slight_smile:

I will also look into the Honda CBF 125 - (its cheap , comes with 2 year warranty,
2 year breakdown cover)

MR-C, no offence taken, I don’t ride in the gutter :slight_smile: I might send you
a prv’t message as I’m in the city too - and thank you for the riding tips.

sluggish enough for 20mph in 3rd gear? know it is not going to be a rossi challenger, but surely that can’t be right…?

im selling one:D

suzukisi (02/07/2009)

If you place it on gumtree, it should be snapped up real quick.
I’m after a low mileage bike (as I commute daily) otherwise I might had said hello…

Does sound as if there is a bit of a problem, but they are really, really dog slow.
Makes a CG125 look sprightly.
The Priller is the only one to have - as long as the best 2T oil is used and they’re pampered they will last ok.

then yours was restricted to 13 bhp from factory mine was full de-restricted 33 BHP with arrow exhaust and race carb :D:D:D:D:D

and as for un-reliable. Isnt everything if not looked after??? Use fully synthethic race oil and dont always red line it and you will be fine. Mine never “blew up” :wink:

best 125 money can buy fow sure!!!

ahrrrr man thats identical to my old bike! foooooookin loved it :smiley: