BEMSEE Club racing dates for 2014

Just in case any of you are interested and fancy watching some decent club racing this year here are the dates for BEMSEE.

Pre-Season Testday Brands Hatch: 4th April

Brands Hatch Indy: 5-6th April

Snetterton 300: 26-27th April*

Silverstone International: 10-11th May

Oulton Park: 24th May & 26th May

Donington GP: 21-22nd June

Cadwell Park: 19-20th July

Brands Hatch GP: 9-10th August

Snetterton 300: 6-7th September

Brands Hatch Indy: 4-5th October

I will be at all rounds competing again in the Minitwin class.

Forza PJ !!! :smiley:

lets hope for a reasonably DRY season this year :smiley:

If i cant get my entry for the North West sorted - might turf up for silverstone !!! have a good season


Seeing as i dont have/cant afford proper two wheels at the moment took up marshalling end of last season and doing my motorbike training in feb so may see you at the brands/silverstone races, hopefully not picking you up off the track though!

BEMSEE are holding a marshal day at the end of February if anyone fancies getting involved like Curtis.

Let me know mate if your at any of the meets and I will come find you, between races of course :wink:

Nice one and good luck with the season PJ.

Should see you at a few rounds.

Mate of mine is racing in same class as you too.

Cool man, is this his first season? Whats his name i will look out for him.

Yeah his name is H (no it’s not the guy from Steps :smiley: ) and he’s bought a pretty trick SV.

Told him he may have overspent for his first ever go, but he said he wanted to feel confident so I said fair enough and enjoy.

Look out for this bike.

I recognise that bike, used to belong to Ben Gilbert, decent bike that.

I will be at the Rookie weekend at the end of Feb so if he is there i will probably bump into him.

Yeah I should be there too and also be at the Brands test.

Still got a few bits to do myself, but should have my licence renewed and bike painted by then.

Remind me what class your doing?

As it stands now, just testing.

If I can sort budget in time, then the aim is to do all Brands rounds of Rookie 1000.

I’m going to try an come to the first two rounds in April, check it out see what club racing is like in the flesh. :slight_smile:

If you can get down to Brands this sunday you will be able to see this years crop of Rookies being taken around and shown the ropes with Tech inspection, track craft and practice starts (always a favourite) :slight_smile:

I will be in garage 20 and Gabi will be in 17, come say hi.

New bike and race colours for 2014

if i come down on sunday can i try it? :smiley:

No :laugh:

It’s ok PJ, there’s no curbs at Brands Hatch! :smiley: