make sure your bike is ok…!!!

look guys…im getting fed up with thease theiving toe rags pinching our bikes…so i urge you to go out before you go to bed and make sure everything is ok…

thease guys usally strike between 1am…and 5am…so be on your guard and please…if you hear…ANYTHING…GO OUT AND LOOK…!!!

that is all…be well everyone…;).


Like Shane said… And lock it to something sturdy, with a GOOD chain, and keep it out of view! We all make allowances for the odd occasion, but it 's invariably on these occasions that they go missing! Don’t give them a chance! Treat it like a big diamond, or the Fifth Element!

thumper2 my bitch…touch her and you die…sleepp well tonite girl…remeber if they touch ya…scream ya tits off!!!:smiley:

Get a dog…they hear everything and bark a lot when they hear summin in the night.

i would but my bike lives 20 miles away… it is not fair!!!

get yourself a datatool snitcher, it sends you a text message if and when your alarm goes off, even if it has been nudged too.


I always look at my bike before going to bed and when i wake up to make sure. But im such a heavy sleeper i wouldnt hear anything once i`m a sleep.

Generally I am fairly relaxed about the security of my bike at home, my garage is fully alarmed up and the Old Bill are called straight away if the alarm in the garage goes off.

Likewise during the day my bike is parked in a secure underground car park at work, which only employees of the company have access to.

Essentially my bike is probably only at risk if I am out somewhere or doing a chore and park it on the street.

yes and dont ignore them when they do bark…go and see what they are barking about…

This is too true! Woke up this morning and my cover was on the floor and the alarm LED had been pulled right out. What that was going to achieve I dont know but Im off work tomorrow so Im getting a baby monitor today & Im waiting up tonight to see if they come back where I’ll be waiting to unleash some fury :wink:

Want to borrow me crossbow mark:D

Hahahaha, I have some other toys you might like to borrow tonight that will make them never want to come back…

I had to go into town last night for a meeting in Covent Garden and decided that I would rather pay £4 and park in the locked underground car park than on the street in a bike bay.

There’s only one way to be 100% certain :cool:



I have to park in central London in bike bays quite a lot - and although my bikes are prettly low on the thieves wish list (01 ZX7R and a 98 Thunderace) I’m deffo thinking of using the NCP from now on.

Stop eating all the donuts then John :wink:

PS. i think they’re more into bikes then scooters :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Read this post directly befroe i went to bed last night, que paranioa and sleepless night.

Thankfully rationalised it this morning by looking at the security i currently have and should sleep better tonight. (I have however made enquiries about the datatool snitcher…seems like a brilliant idea) I think they should supply a half meter length of roughly cut 16mm reinforcement bar too though, for the moment you arrive at the bike to speak with the scumbags messing with it.

Don’t ever think that m8. You should see some of the shonky examples of bikes that DO come into the Pound and have been stolen. Never relax about anything. I’ve got an old Yamaha Diversion as well as the Ninja and I’m sure she’d get stolen if they wanted her.

Ha ha cheers Sam! I dont wanna go to prison tho :stuck_out_tongue: What I’ve got will be enough, thats if they come back :slight_smile:

sorry mate…didnt mean to cause a panic…;).

hope everyone still has the’re bikes this morning…and still gutted for the ppl that aint…


No worries chap!

I have only had it a few days so still have the new bike anxiety to boot !

better to be a little cautious than get complacent, sickens me when you read about someone losing thier P&J.