What do we rekon? :smiley:

Weather Forecast in RM5 for Sunday 22 June

Location InformationSun InformationToolsLat : 51.60NLon : 0.17EASL : 66mSunrise : 4:40 BSTSunset : 21:20 BST-- Select – Print Forecast SMS Forecasts Weather Sticky Metric/Imperial Videos

DayFromUntilTempFeelsUVRainCloudDirSpeedGustWeatherSun 22 Jun1:003:5916 °c16 °c00.0 mm100 %10 mph12 mph4:006:5916 °c16 °c00.0 mm100 %8 mph10 mph7:009:5917 °c17 °c00.1 mm100 %9 mph10 mph10:0012:5921 °c22 °c30.1 mm100 %13 mph15 mph13:0015:5922 °c23 °c50.4 mm97 %17 mph21 mph16:0018:5923 °c20 °c60.0 mm93 %17 mph21 mph19:0021:5923 °c19 °c40.0 mm80 %14 mph17 mph22:000:5914 °c13 °c00.0 mm70 %12 mph14 mph

I know the meeting point, what time?

If it’s not raining I may come this time :slight_smile: Have to set the alarm for early doors though

Hmm, lookingh dodgy


Day 20°C SW 15 mph 31 mph Very Good Night 10°C W 10 mph 22 mph Very Good

the boys will be out…they are fearless!! bit o’water dont scare the BCR massive!! (cept me:D )

I’ll keep an open mind. Looked yesterday and said it was going to be torrential, now it is light shower. By the time we reach sunday it’ll be bright sunshine.You gonna be out Mark?What time do we all meet?

8.30 meet fully fueled ready to roll! have a look through old threads for the actual meeting point!

Cheers Fella, know the meeting point, just needed to know the time.

Those roads are my old hunting ground.

Mark’s always the doom merchant with the weather :wink:

Always look on the bright side . . . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHPOzQzk9Qo :smiley:

Can’t make it this week but busting for another BCR, loved my first one, the roads are great :wink:

Can’t come because I’m off to the motoGP :wink: - been checking the weather and as usual it’s changing on an hourly basis, I reckon, that in June at least, they just stick a licked finger out the window, close their eyes, and take a guess…

I’m not doom and gloom, the met office is!! :PIf it’s sunny, I’ll be out to play for a short while. Need to be back home for about 11, so I’ll have to skip the fry-up at FF :frowning:

I will be there :slight_smile:

Had planned to get my fat arse out of bed early doors and come down for this but my lad has a trials footy game in the morning now so wont be able to make it.

Hope the weather holds and you all stay sunny side up.

Have a goodun

I’ll be there on my own salt&pepper ride :hehe::hehe::hehe:

I have no choice doesn’t matter what the weather, i got to keep praticing :wink:

Yeah - good luck in the test - sure you’ll pass with all the practicing you’ve been doing and then there’s all the fun of getting the new bike.:slight_smile:

Anyway, will keep my eye on the forecast, don’t mind a light shower, but don’t want to get completely soaking wet if it’s torrential rain

Sneaky told me you’ll be coming from the other side of the river i can meet up with you and ride together to the BCR if you want

Should be along for this one, as long as it isn’t pi55ing it down…and if I can get my ar5e out of bed in time. :smiley:

aarrggghhh !!! Im meeting up with Lee, the guy that does the bike seats…? Hes now living near Brands so im gonna go and get him to finish off what i need doing…he said to go sunday but if i can see him tomorrow instead, i will be ok, if he cant see me till sunday…i might take a ride there anyway and try and catch you guys…or i will hook up with andyp and drag him down there !!!

I will update tomorrow night if i can make sunday…let me see what abbeyj,python and andrea or jackie are doing as well…:wink:

I think its gonna be busy at the r/about come 8.30 Sunday morning:D:D

Hello - yes - I was meant to come a couple of weeks ago but could not get up in time LOL. Sneaky said you could show me the way there, which would be great as I have no sense of direction!! If the weather forecast looks good will come along, I can get over the river okay and then we could ride over together, will PM you tomorrow re times etc.CheersH

Siper, WTF is all that noise about rain, do you know what they’re talking about?:laugh:

The BCR goes Hels or high water… Sorry Hels, that should be Hell or high water!:stuck_out_tongue:

Search Youtube for: BCR 20.04.2008 Front Cam Part 2