BCR? Essex ride out Sunday 27/03/22?

Hi all, anyone interested in a rideout tomorrow morning? I’ve moved to Grays, Essex and fancied a few hours on the bike. Please let me know.

Hey Buddy, need to generally give the folks at least a weeks notice for a BCR. That said it’s been a bloody long while since an official ones been called, don’t even know if any of the old gang venture out anymore/are still on here.

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We did one last year! Was great fun but yeah need bit more warning :wink:

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Sounds like someone needs to organize one in the near future…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Fair enough guys. Any thoughts on Sunday 17th (Easter Sunday)? I know the Southend shakedown is on the Monday but a BCR is way different and Sunday morning just feels right. Let me know.

For those that could not make it on Friday 13th August I’ll be leading a Ruthless Southend Shakedown ride in on Monday, in memory of Ruth ‘Slan’ Harrison (1987-2021).

Yeah, I’d have loved to do this but have only just seen it now :frowning: