A Ruthless Southend Shakedown 2022

For those that could not make it on Friday 13th August, and anyone else interested, a date to pencil in your planners is Easter Bank Holiday Monday 18th April 2022 when I’ll be leading a Ruthless Southend Shakedown ride in memory of Ruth ‘Slan’ Harrison (1987-2021). Meeting up at 9am at the public car park next to the Royal Oak Hotel, Paul’s Road, Loughton, Essex IG10 4AE where some will remember Ruth managing to drop the Maytona without even sitting on it! The original Southend Shakedowns were rides that Ruth enjoyed so much over the 3 or 4 years she came along that she brought her Mum Linda, Sisters Sophie & Sarah and many other of her biking buddies to enjoy.

Leaving at 9.30 am sharp for a moderate paced, 3½ hour, 100 mile tour of South West Essex via Buttsbury Ford, The Hanningfields, halfway comfort break at Bradwell Marina and The Burnham Bends. Completely avoiding the 5,000+ motorcycle traffic jambs expected on the A406, A12 and A127 route. Estimated arrival in Southend-on-Sea at around 2 pm for a seaside fish ‘n’ chip luncheon.

To keep the ride together we will be using the tried and tested ‘Corner Man System’ if you’re unfamiliar with it watch Andy Crowther’s excellent 6 minute Rideout Guide here…

Arrive on a roadworthy bike with sufficient go go juice for the 100 mile route. Bladders can be emptied as necessary in the public toilets located in the corner of car park. Note as in previous years the route crosses the River Wid by way of a ford, The Buttsbury Splash, it is very shallow, no more than a couple of inches deep with a concrete base and easily crossed by all. WARNING - Do not use the adjacent foot bridge which leads to a mud bath on the other side.

Ride at your own pace and at you own risk and enjoy the day.


I would love to come, the 18th is my eldest birthday so may not be possible.

Great stuff @National_Treasure! That’s quite some forward planning mind, but thank you!

penciled in
Ill be the tail tidy if you get no volunteer’s

Date to remember then.


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Not sure if I am working this day or not at the moment but if I am off I would like to join in on this ride. I am new to bikes and am currently only on a 125. Would i be welcome to join for this ride?

Thanks in advance for any responses


Of course, everybody is welcome. The first time Ruth joined this ride she came on her CBR125, her sister Sarah came on the same ‘handed down’ CBR125 a year or two later.

BTW it is a Bank Holiday Monday

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I realised it is a Bank Holiday. Unfortunately my job is 365 days of the year :laughing:

I am currently on a Honda CB125F .

Thank you for replying to me so quickly.

I hope to be able to make this date and will check in this group every so often for any updates.


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I’ll put it in the calendar.

@National_Treasure do you happen to have a link for the route being used on this trip?


Links for routes can be a pain so no I don’t do that apart from what you read in the first post.

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That is fair enough


Less than a month now for those who didn’t want to plan so far ahead


Looking forward to it! Some fresh Michelin road 5s to try out too

Hopefully get some riding weather :slight_smile: - Unlike today - wtf?

In the diary.

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Have you made arrangements for good weather?

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The weather outlook is looking good enough for summer riding kit, a dip in the sea maybe too much too soon.


I don’t think we are ready to dip

Looking forward to the day out. Finally got confirmation that i am officially off on Monday.

So cleaning little red over the weekend ready for the day out