BCR and beyond 2

Next weekend is a long weekend and if the weather is good a BCR ride would go down a treat. At no point do i want to organise this iconic ride but i am putting the word out if the crew want to do another while the summer is here!
Lets do it peeps!!!:smiley:

Feedback on this;)

next weekend is also the british moto gp would imagine a fair few are off to watch that.

Yes sir I’m up for this. I’m having BCR withdrawals!

Yarp :smiley:

Why not, its long weekend :wink:

Cool, I’m looking forward to another good ride. Lead riders needed:D

Bcr has no leader :smiley: i don’t mind going up front to get us there tho:)

Great we have a up front man :D, so at least we know where we are going :smiley:

Might be a yes too as long as nothing pops up to ruin the plan:cool:

mmm, not sure I can make this?

I’m with Darren, the BeCarefulRobert has no leaders. Having said that, Broady and Darren, when are we gonna see you guys up at the pointy end again? :frowning:

This is good for us, less bikers out there! :cool:

Less bikers on the road and less traffic as holiday season at the moment, and hopefully less combine harvesters too.:w00t:

So we need a sunny day, and a meet place, same roundabout?

a low of 8 and a high of 20 with 5% chance of precipitation seems like the forecast so far. I might well see you there. first Sunday free this year!!

Probably out assuming I pick up our new car on Saturday - have to teach the wife to drive an automatic!!! If not see you all at the usual place and time!

I thought we were trading :slight_smile:

Trading wife’s sounds better than doing the bcr :smiley:

Some of you moto guys don’t have keys…also what happens when someone end up with the equivalent of the RIOT???

duh sorry if i confused anyone got the dates wrong moto gp is actually the following weekend 31st.:hehe:

Apologies for the ignorance but what is this BCR rideout?

Be Careful Robert, super moto guys on back roads, everyone having a fun time

That sounds better:D

I’ll do my best to get in on this, looking forward to take the duk back on the lanes!