BCR and beyond 2

Oi, oi, oi! Dont you start getting all keyist! The equivalent of the Riot - what like Salma Hayek? :w00t:

Oh Chris Darrrrling, thats soo last year! Its now “Be Careful Robert” :stuck_out_tongue:

No, no, no, no, nope! This sets the wrong tone for the ride. The Be Careful Robert requires riders to show restraint, its not about what the Super-Retards or anyone else is doing. Its about being responsible your own and everyone else’s safety… :cool:

My bad, edited post, hope that’s better

The best bit of advice i got on the “Be Careful Robert” was to stop trying to keep up with the Keyless Hooligans Super Motos, I was trying my hardest and my riding was getting Dangerous and a little out of control, Luckily it was spotted before i went too far and Sneaky gave me a Little friendly word of advice…I realised the SuperMoto’s are just too quick round the twisties I stopped trying to follow them and started riding for myself and it was an awesome ride out. Lots of fun indeed!!!

Definately worth attending, I will be doing another one again (But not this one as have other plans unfortunately)

Oi, keep my name out of it. That wasn’t me, I wasn’t even there. Smoke, mirrors and stunt-doubles!


Ok so looks like BCR might tie in with the towie ride along the way. Can we confirm where the meeting point is and time, date:D

Not me, I can’t make it.

Is anyone still on this ride with the intentions of hooking up with the towie ride. Hastings is a long way to ride to get lost on my own:D

8.30am start off City Limits roundabout, Collier Row, RM5.


Jamesz1 i dont mind going in the morning still and if its just us on the bcr and you want to go on the towie rideout after finchingfield breakfast thats cool with me. what time are they meeting there?

I’m out as well. Night out for a mate’s birthday and shipped the kids off to the in-laws for the night!! I’m sleeping in for the first time in about 6 months, might even get breakfast in bed if I play my cards right :Whistling:

Cool, i think they will be there around 10-10.30 so ill see you at city limits for an 8.30 start off:D

see you another time tempo, enjoy the lay in!

Should we also meet at High Beach 8am and go from there, please?

I like that place :smiley:

Im ok with high beach at 8am if james is:)

Ok, high beach it is. :smiley:

I’ll see y’all at the tea hut too. See you soon.

Cheers Jarrod see you there!

Just make sure we follow the correct rides lol.

Well you won’t be getting mixed up with our ride to Wiltshire, that’s for sure :slight_smile: