What do you have on yours? Any family “handed down through the years” recipes?

yeah but i’d have to kill the whole forum if i tell ya

Ribs marinated in sweet chilli sauce and corn on the cob cooked in foil.

Cremated sausages and chargrilled burgers are my speciality :smiley:

Pepper halves filled with melted (epecially blue) cheese :smiley:

Chicken glazed in honey :stuck_out_tongue:

tandori paste mixed with a little honey marinaded over night…on chicken…

at my moms once it was raining so she cooked all the burgers in the oven , then we ate them inside , but she still insisted it was a barbeque :s

Me want sum Reggae Reggae Sauce! :smiley:

Juicy rump steak with a port and blue cheese sauce …

One night in onions and beer marinated pork chops with the cooked onions on it, Sparerips with homemage Chilisauce, greek souvlaki with homemade zaziki and grilled peppers, greek beefsteak filled with feta, kroatian cevapcici with fresh onions and homemade sambal,and and and

P.S. and of course german bratwurst with my potatoesalad

Greetz Carsten

My speciality is cooked bananas with chocolate buttons inserted in cut slits…yummy with ice cream:cool:

and rum/amaretto/tia maria

No chunky Monkey, its BBQ banana, sliced down the middle with a melted cadbury flake laid in the crack, with double cream.


20lb of Brisket smoked with mesquite wood yum yum

One of my mates wraps rashers of bacon round pieces of banana and puts them on the barbie - and that tastes actually very very nice indeed, although you have to use smoked bacon I gather.

Yum Yum

Large pigs. several of them.

Cut banana’s to the width of bacon rashers, wrap the bacon around the nana and stick a cocktail stick thru it to hold it together and sling the suckers on! BBQ’d slices of pineapple for desert if you pleasey!

Whats the difference between melted Cadbury’s Chocolate Buttons and melted Cadbury’s Flake ya eejit;):D:D