tell me about it :hehe:

Bunny burgers:D Rabbit skewers:D And my fave… STEAK mmmmmm can’t beat a nice steak yummy:P Oh and lots of heinz smoky bbq sauce;)

Just what kind of bbq do you have!?! How many peeps do you need to feed. :wink:

BTW I am a little stringy with broken ribs, and not very tasty. :smiley:

Pretty much anything meat based with a liberal coating of the ol’ Reggae Reggae


Couldn’t agree more :smiley:

J you’re forgetting the boxes of S.A Wine :wink: hic!

so when are we invited for? :smiley:

:w00t::w00t: whens the next BBQ!!..

this always goes down well at a bbq:D

Chicken and pork

and see here for pizza and kebabs



Watch this space matey;)

Basting sauce: Equal parts of Tomato ketchup, Worcestershire sauce and Chutney.

Mr’s H S Ball’s Chutney. Got to be a part of any barbecue or South African Braai!

will do fella!;):smiley:

I’ve tried this as a marinade for the first time this weekend and have to say it’s rather scrummy:cool::cool:

I thought barbeques were all about eating a months meat protiene, drinking a months beer or wine intake and good company and it didn’t matter too much if the food was 5 or -1 star.

More seriously, fish, almost any, done almost anyhow, but well, with good sauces to dip or pour make a nice change to the char grill/rare meat.

Haloumi cheese, just straight on the Bbq.

I do a good burger with garlic, chilli, toasted and crushed cumin seeds, fresh coriander and broken up haloumi…mix well form into a thick roll shape and roll in cling wrap to get that even round diameter. Chill overnight and with a very sharp knife slice into 1 inch burgers and make sure you flip them a lot while cooking to keep those juices moving through the meat.

Pineapple slices sound good…Cheers.

Beer, wine anything as long as it’s cold!!!:wink: You know me:cool:

They’d be a bit stringy by now… but mother-in-law marinaded for 48 hours in my famous barbecue sauce, that might just tenderise her enough… that and the big hammer I’d use :smiley: