Bath Gel.

Sorry to resurrect an old topic, but while luxuriating in Mrs J`s second hand lilac scented bath water my thoughts turned to bath gel.

Mrs J is a recent convert to the delights of Occitane products as I indulge her remorselessly.:slight_smile:

Is it manly to bathe in such products or should I make a stand and ask for fresh water with manly scents?

I remember an on line chat with Old Guy about the joys of drinking malt whisky in the bath a few years ago and would value his input on fragrances.

It`s not an exclusive ask so feel free to jump in though the water is dirty and luke warm.:smiley:


Please do not invoke me in seeking approval for your perversities.

Any real man will honk of the sweat derived scent of the toil gained from his labours to support his wife and off-spring. When bathing, an occasional pleasure, he will smell only of carbolic soap with a hint of single malt on the breath.

In short, I have determined that you are a closet poofta with your scented bathwater.

A small allowance may be made, this time only, for the fact that you did “man-up” for the second hand bathing.

Float some of your jizz on the surface, there I’ve made it a man bath.:Whistling:

Taking a bath is like enjoying a fine meal or, making love to a beautiful woman …

So if the TV has broken down, or you don’t have one to start with, why not take a night off and try all three for comparison.

Laphroaig is my choice of single malt and I recommend a glass or two after the meal, a glass with a cigarette after the beautiful woman and a glass or two with the bath. The bath and whiskey may be taken before the beautiful woman if you don’t have a dishwasher or, with the beautiful woman if you do or, after the beautiful woman if she has read this.

For god sake man we are motorcyclists, we smell of octane not “Occitane” old sweaty leathers, oil and general road muck.

Where is your sense of tradition?

Perhaps a hint of bacon sarnie, with a soupçon of woodbine and brown ale, but nothing more “metrosexual” please!

Great, great topic. This is what our motorbike forum ha been missing!


I’m more of a shower person, but if I do bathe I just go for water that is hot enough to leave me looking like a lobster… No oils/bath bombs/lotions/gels etc… A mans bath should contain nothing more than some soap and, if you’re lucky, a hot brunette lady with a sponge! :smiley:

Any female LBers fancy popping over to do my back?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahhhh I’ve just given a load of L’Occitane stuff to the charity shop… I was sponsored by them on my beauty blog and used to get sent so much.

If I get sent anymore, Mrs J can haz :slight_smile:

Cor Karleigh, what a kind offer, and how nice you gave it to charity rather than wrapping it up for prezzies and pretending you bought it:D

Give us a nod if you get any more and we’ll ride over like a stoat to collect it:kiss:

That confirms it. Closet Poofta.

Or was that the female J? If so, I retract. Still not sure about that geezer though.

Second hand bath water? That should do a bloke. Scented bath water? No! It’s just so wrong.

2nd hand all the time for him - I’m keeping my heating and water meter costs down;)

i must say even for moi lavender bath gel is too poofy, i prefer a nice radox!, and twizzling me toes round the taps…:stuck_out_tongue:

I thought this was going to be a discussion of the designer drug know as bath salts, for some reason, I thought Mr J had eaten someones face off.

As it is a nice soak in the tub with a hot woman soaping the manly parts can’t be beaten…well it can be beaten, stroked, pulled etc

But the only oil in the bath is 20-40 motor oil and afterwards a scrub with swarfega…please :wink:

ewwww. well with old crocodile skin, swarfega is needed!:w00t:

Westie, you’d love to look as good as me when you’re my age, trouble is you believe the hype about sperm being good for the skin when we all know it’s a good rub down with warm swarfega

you wish darling, i prefer to swallow, its the protein when the eggs arent available:D

:sick: I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit :smiley:

thats all that swarfega

thats still better than all that spunk :Whistling:

depends on what you eat the night before…