Bad news from Livorno.

Just had a text from Alice in Italy.

She’s in A&E after crashing her bike.:crying:

She’s OK apart from an injured leg but she thinks its just badly bruised. Thankfully she had all her kit on.

Bike sounds totalled so her trip back to UK is in doubt now.

Wishing you a speedy recovery babe :kiss:

Hope she has a speedy recovery! :wink:

That`s not good news but glad to hear she is OK.

Oh dear, get better soon

Ah crap. Hope she has Euro recovery etc… GWS long distance riding lady.

oh no thats not good, get well soon

drastic action to take to avoid buying the coffee’s though :slight_smile:

Glad yo’re okay!

Get better and enjoy cold beers back here a bit later than planned!


GWS Alice…

Hope your back up and rideing again soon


Eek! Speedy recovery Alice!!

OUCH! shame Alice, hope you get better soon!

oh shizer,

GWS alice!

Oh my… that is bad news:(:frowning: what happened???

bummer GWS Alice…

Oh no! Hope the leg is just bruised. Take care Alice and get better soon

Ouch! Sorry to hear that Alice - hope you’re feeling better soon!

Ouch, get well soon Alice.

I’ve just spoken to Alice.

She’s not too bad. Her leg is killing her but after x-rays and stuff the good news is nothing was broken.

She hasn’t got t’interweb in her flat so I passed on all your best wishes.

She’s not sure what happened but she hit a car and the front end of her bike is in bits.

And she is very pi$$ed off about missing her ride back home:angry:

Sh*t news…Just sent her a text wishing her well.

Thanks for reporting Chunks.

Did to text her to find out what tyres she had on?;):D:D