Right, i know im still raw from my bike going missing yesterday but this needs to happen.I want to set up a group meeting for anyone who has had the’re bike stolen or are worried about it.

The police unfortunatley have alot of resources dedicated elswere which they cant be blaimed for.But bike crime is on the rise no matter who tells me otherwise, and its time we started taking action.There are more bikers than there are theives so we’ve already got the upper hand.but you got to ask yourself a question.Are you willing anough to start stopping this shit from happening to you and others?..

Now i dont want anyone telling me not too break the law ect, as im a big boy, and can think for myself.I know whats right and wrong, and i know what needs to be done…

I know that there is never enough evidence for the police to convict…and i also know that bike theives find a ‘sweet spot’ and hammer it untill things get hot…thats were ide like to act…find that sweet spot…and gather as much evidence as possable…this i will cover in the meeting…

I also want to talk about other things that i wont talk about here…

So…i want to arrange a meeting to discuss things about bike theift at a time and place to be added to this post this evening…

please come along…we need to take our own action. NOW.

Chelsea Bridge 21st meeting @ 8:00


Def want to get involved fella.

Now we’re talking!
I made a suggestion for a Stolen Bike forum section.
I’m pretty sure I cant be the first to request this but I’m sure if we all ask nicley we can get it.

PS: I’m criminal.

i will help anyway i can

and will come to the meeting

i think this a good idea Smiled. Its a shame it takes unfortunate incidents to get us geared up to get back at the scum. But better late than never.

I doubt i will be present at the meeting as i live just out of london and wont really be able to help search or stake out known hot spots. However if you ever require a pair of eyes out west in the Slough/ uxbridge / staines area, i am more than happy to help. I will be keeping an eye out, as i always do for missing bikes, on the off chance that they are moved out my way.

Maybe you could use a bike, without locks, as bait! will not necessarily bring the scum out who took your bike but any one caught should then deal with the concenquences (whatever you wish them to be!) We need to make a stand against the thieves, and let them fear that the bike they are looking at might be a trap!! it may start to deter the pr!cks.

I’m in.

I’m in Slough, but can come along to the inaugural meeting if able…

I’m in.

Got some sacks and cable ties in the van. A little drive up to the middle of the scottish glens to deliver a ‘load’ would be well within my capabilities!:smiley:

I doubt i’d make it to a meeting shane, due to work… make sure someone takes minutes that can be emailed! :smiley:

When and where?

Bout time… If i could be there i would, id bring me 2 boys with me aswell and im talkin of the 4 legged kind :w00t::cool:

worried my bike will go missing if I attend :wink:

Hey, I’m in. I am out of the country, but if I’m back in time then I’ll be there. I had 2 bikes nicked: the first one within a month of buying it and the secong the day I passed my DAS so I have a bit of an axe to grind too.

I’m in.

I haven’t had a bike nicked - but I want to have it out with anyone that even thinks about it.

There’s a great sense of camaraderie here, which should leave bike thieves shaking (particularly with those four legged fighters of your’s ASBO!)

Think this is what Shane meant by he doesnt want to discuss everything on here and will do at the meeting? Let us know when and where Shane

I’m definitely in.

Please PM/post a meeting place and time as soon as you’ve come up with one.

I’m in if you don’t mind the fact that I can’t make the meetings as I’m in Surrey, but bike theft isn’t just a London thing.
Do I get a keyring?? :slight_smile:


date and time updated on orig post

the first one will be public untill i can get all your phone numbers…

only serious people attend please…theres no phucking about anymore…



whereabouts in Surrey are ya mate?

I’m in Esher

yeah i,ll be there why not, its about time this got sorted, sorry about ya loss mate.