Ill be there to support you mate. I feel your pain and anger. Hopefully I should come of some help. Again- really sorry about your loss, after reading your post in the other thread, I honestly cant get the ‘gutted’ feeling out of me.

I’ll try and get there mate.

I tried to get something going about 4 years ago, so know it’s a struggle to get people seriously involved.

It seems like you’re on the right track though mate.

Make sure you have a clear aim for the group.

I know that sounds stupid, we want to reduce bike theft, but how do you propose to go about it? What resources will you need (people, equipment etc).

You’ll need to organise people into specific roles within the group.

Have a (realistic) time line for getting the group off the ground and have milestones for each required element to do so.

I think I know what you want to do as we’ve discussed it before, but you need a good plan first my friend.

I spoke to two officers that came into the shop today, asking them what evidence they required to investigate a bike theft.

I said for example, if the thieves were captured on camera lifting a bike, and taking it to their base, what would the Police do with the evidence.

They said that the footage would be strong evidence, and would likely lead to arrests being made.

Let me know if you need my help. I’ll give it where I can.

All sounds like a great idea Shane.

A couple of questions, why have you chosen a Wednesday night and seeing as you have why did you not make it at BM seeing as thats where we meet up on Wednesdays?

I’m always willing to help where possible, you have my number;)

Another question on the meet place Shane? wont we need to have a sit down meet here so we can get things sorted and all can be heard and we can all hear you talk too? Just thought youd pick a area at the Ace, say, (example) where we can put tables together and also anyone there who are interested would be able to come up and listen in too?

Dunno just took it for granted it would be some place like that? But any where you go you need to take into account a lot of us will be interested, and standing along Chelsea Bridge with all that traffic noise etc might be difficult ? Just a thought, sorry…


Im not going to spout off the reasons why i chose chelsea bridge…other than its away from everyone and everything untill i can organise a function room for 2 weeks time …the days will be staggard so wont always be on a weds…

dont worry jules…you’ll hear everything luv…i’ll make sure of it .theres a platform were its good too talk.

This gives me time too plan ahead so you’ll know in good time were and when the next one is…

The meeting will give me a chance too see who is prepared to do what roles in this fight on bike crime.

i wont mince my words but i’ll say just this.you can leave at any time, not turn up…and i wont think any less of you…


ok i will be there anyone going my way?..im shite at getting to chelsea bluddy bridge !! :wink: (or anywhere outside of 'Nam…:stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I’m not really sure that I would be able to attend this meeting, but I will absolutely 100% offer my unfaltering support and offer my services in any capacity that you see fit. This is a great idea Shane, good on you for being proactive.

I don’t know if you have my number, and I’m not sure how much use I can be living down here, but I’ll do whatever I can. Good luck sweetheart. xxx

mate! ill try my best to make it!
we need to get the damn scum of the street

will try to get there

Ditto…but I’m working Wednesday night so hopefully Dave will be there for both of us.

Shane, do you still have my number? I’m 100% supportive of this and will help where I can. As you know, I work shifts so can help you out on my days off if you wanna monitor hot spots…on the bike or in the car. The car is cheaper to run! :w00t:

Anyone want to join the Lagos branch, let me know :smiley:

Good luck guys, and (please) keep on the right side of the law :slight_smile:

Shane, incase you dont get my PM on Freedom Rydaz, I am definately in support of action. I have just seen this so I missed the meeting but please let me know when and where the next meeting is and myself and some of FR members will be there.

There is a gang working out of Surrey Quays with 4 bikes being lifted in the last few weeks from the main car park.

You not missed the meeting RedZ, it is tonight at 8pm. So in just short of 18 hours. Unless you meant you missed it because you can’t arrange to get to it on such short notice.

I am not finishing work till gone 9pm… (i am then getting out and about in the heat)…

Can someone please pm me the gist of the meeting, whats being done, etc …Shane knows he’s got my support too… :slight_smile:

pm sent on freedom jason…shane.

im def in for this, no question!! i hate being paranoid about my bike getting nicked, i have just spent a ton on cameras for my house and still i worry!!

Chelsea bridge at 8pm!!

coool guys…looks like it may be a good meeting…

still on for tonight and looking forward to ideas…


me and shaz will be there mate

Will be there via BMM.:smiley:

Shane ,

can’t make the meeting and have been a touch " ellusive " recently however have been feeling your pain buddy . Things HAVE to be done regarding this issue and I pledge my services to you where I can buddy . Keep me posted either by phone or PM mate :wink:

Would love to have caught up with you at Chelsea but am still without wheels and still stuck in the office at Coventry :w00t: