August - Short Northern visit - Jetstream solo

OK - sorry to everyone else, but this is only open to people we know as it involves private accommodation.

I have to go & mow two lawns some time in the next 2 - 3 weeks, would like some company for a 2/3 day tour of lakes/dales etc as Mrs J can’t take any time off work.

This is now set for 15 - 17 Aug, travelling Friday, coming back Sunday (returning via Yorkshire Dales & Peak District).

Around 750 miles.

Can accomodate one couple and two singles. (One double, two single beds.) First priority goes to two lesbian girls and couple of other girls.:smiley: But I`m open minded.:Whistling:

Share cost of food + £15 for the two nights.

Anyone interested?

Can do the 15-17 :slight_smile:

Can, shall we say you want to? You can have 1st pick out of the rooms - but all have views of the sea and on a clear day mountains too:)

PS forgot to say, secure garage parking for some bikes, not usually necessary there but would suit a new model;)

A couple of lesbian friends said they’d be up for it and either weekend is fine for them… :w00t:

Yes have the relevant authority to confirm attendance.
Will be bringing the latest item in the garage :smiley:
Can we put my single bed in the room with the Lesbians

OK - will be great to have you along. All you have to do now is find the lesbians for us and a fantastic weekend looms ahead!!!

The date is now set 15 - 17 Aug.

OOOPS! Looks like Markie76’s post sneaked in there before either of us saw it so it doesn’t count:D

My lesbians said they’ll be more than happy for you to be in their room - just bring a cigar cutter and lots of talc… :kiss:

Well they look like they might sweat a bit for fat lasses so talc seems in order. Don’t worry Rusty I can orgainse a stop at Boot’s on the way but it’s up to you to find yer own cigar cutter. :Whistling:

Mrs Art would be happy to lose me for a weekend, I’ll check later today with RM to see if they can manage without me for a couple of days too.

Er I’ll take a rain check on our lady friends in the picture, was hoping for

Never mind, probably just have to do with Art’s snoring and your hallucinations :smiley:

Oh balls, would luv, but we have an office move that day!!! so no chance, have fun!!!

It’s not likely to be the only time Franc - just the only one during the nice weather :slight_smile:


I was hoping you’d do a trip to the Lakes this summer but I’m in Belfast that weekend, going up the day before you and returning Sunday but not getting to Liverpool until 18:30 :frowning:

Have fun and say hi to your neighbours! :smiley:

Just had the reply from my line Manager, a short and to the point message ‘We can manage without you.’ :w00t:

I’m hoping he means just for the weekend :ermm:

Good news Art…I think !

I AM NOT A LEZZA, BUT CLOSE ;-), Would you have room for a westiepoo`s to bring up the new stead? :-P, no i dont mean Celso:laugh:

Well sh1t a brick…it’s gone from 4 women to 3 blokes and Westie, Hope their is a lap dancing place nearby :smiley:

I’m a lesbian :wink:

I’m fairly sure I am too.