August - Short Northern visit - Jetstream solo

I hope you’re doing something equally exciting over the bank holiday, rumour has it I have a pass for the whole weekend off.

Well, looks like me, Rusty, Art and Westie so we`re full unless anyone wants to sleep on a floor or share a double bed with any of the above.:pinch:

May well manage another one before the clocks go back, so if yer interested keep yer eyes open and read the ride report. :slight_smile:

Poo, double post.:blush:

Can Westie cook ?

My money’s on Westie dropping out.

Well, Im not sure, but Rusty and Art are comitted. I`ve tried to contact Westie by conventional methods but have had no success as yet.

Are you interested as a Westie back up, no pun intended?

So true, Art and I share the same ward and we are proud of it. :hehe:
As for Westie, sooooooo disappointing I mean really ! :unsure:
TDJ for a bit of Dales action, come on you know you want to :smiley:

WESTIE are you a posse member?

I`ve made my best attempts to contact you. Are you in?

Please let me know soon or I`ll advertise the space in my double bed to others.:Whistling:

He kind of alluded to going in a facebook post about his new KTM, although I would have a plan b as he may end up in Kos again :smiley:

OK, a space in my double bed may be available if Westie does not come across by midnight tomorrow.:unsure:

Should Westie not comfirm there is still space for a single or a couple on the trip.

I was only offering to share the matrimonial bed with Westie. Mrs J won`t let me share with girls or couples for some reason.:blush:

I heard a whisper he may be off down the A303 for a meet with some Druids, something about the sale of a Sat Nav :ermm:

What, he is meeting Joby at Stonehenge :w00t:

Mr J when do you plan on doing the next one? Want to try and get the time off beforehand. Can’t make this one as I’m away :(.

To do a sat nav deal and M4 home :wink:

If Faggot chops does pull out and Ang can get time off we would be up for the Double. I can’t confirm before Monday eve. :slight_smile:

Faggot chops has 200 minutes left to confirm then Sausage fingers and the Pretty pink princess have first dibs.:stuck_out_tongue:


This trip now full.:slight_smile:

Meeting point on Friday 15.8.14, Baldock services on the A1, junction 10 at 10am (see what I did there)

Lunch at Squires Cafe.:satisfied:

You will not need to bring towels or bedding.

Just rock up with a wad of cash and an open heart.:smiley:

it cant be full yet :w00t: there must be room for at least 6 tents in the back garden and 3 more out the front. :laugh:

Not this time, maybe an earlier summer jaunt next year - at the mo the house is full, remember the kitchen/bathroom facilities have to cope too :Whistling: