Attempted theft or mindless vandalism?

Just went down to the garage (shared, allegedly secure) ready to go out. Get on and find the clutch has no resistance to it, and the clutch cable to the gearbox is gone.

I’m pretty sure this is not something I could have done. A bike to the left of mine had its tyres down. So I’m guessing someone has had a go at the bikes.

If you have an idea of how this could have happened, please let me know.

Looks like mindless vandalism to me :frowning:

Please make sure you get it thoroughly checked out after the “obvious” missing bits are fixed. A few years back a colleagues car got vandalised, they got it all fixed by the garage, a few days later his brakes were very soft so he took it back and it turned out they had made a small hole the hydraulics somewhere…

so some1 has nicked yer clutch cable?

who else uses said garage and was it all still locked up as should be? i would question them.

This is exactly what I’m worried about. And yes, will get it checked out. It does look like they’ve pulled it out, doesn’t it?

Bit concerning that if they know how to pull out a clutch cable, then they also know how to do other stuff. :frowning:

Might pop down the shop and get a cover, drag it through the dirt a bit. Shame I can’t even move it from where it is currently parked, cos I’d move it away from there. I hope they don’t come back and lift it. :frowning:

it’s a large garage underneath a block, serving the blocks around, so not just 2-3 people

It’s a fairly big garage - lots of other people who live in the complex use it. I might ask some of the other bike owners if anything has been done to theirs. The bike next to me had its tyres let down.

I wasn’t p!ssed off when I realised something had happened to the bike, but when I spoke to the porter on the property I started getting pissed off because he said “The CCTV hasn’t worked for 3 weeks, and I can’t do anything, but you can report it to the police.”

It was then that the red mist descended.

I’d be writing to the owners of the property to ask why the CCTV isn’t working - I assume you must be paying for it via your rent/building service fees.
Defo get a cover as well.

Yup - doing it now while the anger is still there.

does anyone else ride the same bike in your block because id say if there willing to take the cluch cable there takeing it for someone or there own bike outher wise you would find it laying around in a corner or a bush out side

Lidl have very cheap bike covers at the moment if you want something to put on it that you won’t mind losing. They’re so cheap I bought two, one to keep in the bike and one for when the other one gets stolen or destroyed ;-). If they’ve run out you’re welcome to one of mine.


Sorry to hear about this Carmen. Hope you get the cable sorted out soon. :confused:
If you need help with anything, not really sure what lol, gimme a shout.

Well, Sparkly Jaime has been over and helped by getting it moving, so I’ve now chained it to the cycle rack.

He said it was definitely removed deliberately. Everything is gone. So I’m now waiting for Motoden Honda to call me back (their bloke was on the other line) so I can order parts.

What the hell is wrong with people? Who the fuuck steals a clutch cable? (Obviously, someone who needs one, but geeez. What a turd.)

Sorry to hear Carmen, and yeah proper turd!

Good on Jaime for coming down to help :slight_smile:

Yea, my mechanic says that sometimes people get there with bikes and scooters broken and she asks them about spare parts and they’re like “don’t worry about ordering, I’ll come back on Monday with some”…

defo theft. clutch cable and cover. cable adjuster on teh lever is gone as well as the rubber gaiter that houses all of it. all neatly removed and no sign of any obvious damage. twats.

Sorted - can pick up all the stuff from 11am tomorrow. Then to put it on.

Thanks for your help Jaime. You’re a good egg. :smiley: So good in fact, that I promise I won’t post the picture of you in your work gear and van.

Oh, and I bet the turd was the CG owner who is not there at the moment.

most probly cg and cbf cluch cables are most probly be the same glad its geting sorted quite quick for ya

The Oxford covers have special holes in them so that they can be locked down to the front and back wheels. Least then you’d know if someone had been at the bike. Plus the covers are pretty heavy duty so they’d pobably have a go at lifting it off and then leave it and move on.

nice work Carmen. Quick turnaround!


engine components and most other assemblies are the same on CG and CBF’s, if its been removed nice and neat you can bet your life its doing a splended job on an old shitter somewhere.

so glad my alarm is nice and sensitive.