Attempted theft or mindless vandalism?

thieving twats , nuffins safe anymore.

Glad ya getting it sorted quick :slight_smile:

what a ****ish thing to do - strip your bike for spares.

Poor little CBF! :frowning:

Aaawwww, I like it when someone posts up some love for the little CBF. :slight_smile:

Yeah, totally twatish thing to do. I don’t really understand what goes through the minds of people who do sh!t like this; don’t think I want to. You know, at what point do you start to think “That’s not mine, but I want it so I’ll take it.” WTFF? :blink:

Oh well, getting sorted tomorrow, so I will hopefully be back buzzing about on it tomorrow afternoon. I just hope that’s the only thing they took.

People are probably going to laugh at me but Argos do a really good bike cover… Cost about £15.00 or something like that at the time but I’ve had it for about 3 years, haven’t treated it very well, its still water proof and on all my bikes and my mate’s nobody’s exhaust has managed to burn a hole through it.

Ok… So now its £21.99 but still well worth the money

Oh, good. I might just get that on pay day.

Found out that there is a way to identify whether the clutch cable currently on the CG in the garage is mine or not. I may have a poke around if it’s parked up later.

if its yours, you may want to ‘poke’ it with a nice pair of cable cutters? :smiley:

i hate thieves. :angry:

if its youres take it back and take the front wheel wile your at it XD

It’s not on the CG, but I will go back in a bit to have a look at the other bikes.

I’m loathe to cut anyone’s clutch because they will just come and steal my new one. Could ask for the £15 they owe me.

50, they’re paying your mechanics fee to fit it too :wink: