Was on the way home last night when some kids threw 1/2 dozen cartons of the 7 Seas Cod Liver tablets at me…

Luckily my injuries we only SUPER - FISH - OIL

(If you can’t beat them…)

for cod sake it gets worse

it’s a trout time someone speaks up against this

Is there an emoji for slapping your own forehead?


There’s a time & plaice for this Amit

Yeah, I thought this sounded a bit fishy!

Pollocks, I don’t get it… have to mullet over…

Hope it wasn"t a hake crime

That’s Brill.

Thank Cod you’re OK

Eel be ok but must have left him flounder’ring.

Basstards! May be a good idea to turbot-charge your motorpike in case they try it again. Or at least get it tunad up…


fucking pikeies

Have a sole me_groovy, he might have baited them

In which case he shouldn’t be carping on about it on here! Maybe it’s just a red herring?

Aceman’s catfish will be on here next!

At least you’re not going to get salmonella

This thread is just too GOBY !!..Next one to post will get a SHINER!

I rather stay at home, a tunado is coming our way.