We’ve taken to this thread like fish to water.

Soon enough it’ll be in the yellow pages (very tunauous link there… Can you catch it?)

At least you didnt tench up whilst riding, must be all those barbel workouts.

OK, no need to be koi, were they wearing puffer jackets?

These fishy puns are like shooting fish in a barrel.

Which considering who the new Met chief is could be very dangerous

So long as no one touches the bream of the pie i am happy

Perched on this stool reading this I see LB is full of Clowns

Whale I’ll be dammed… another fish pun thread

A whale isn’t a fish

Come on ladies, come on ladies…

New met chief? Fish?


OK a water living animal related pun… doesn’t sound as catchy though.

Has this thread finished yet? the fish soup’s starting to boil over with these comments

I think we still have plenty of puns to chowder down on

This thread is gold

I’ll have to mullet it over

This plaice gets worse by the day

Trick is not to use the same fish reference :). Just like Sushi, let’s try to keep the references fresh

I'll have to mullet it over
Hold Da Kæft
This plaice gets worse by the day Von

I’ll be honest, I skipped through most of the thread, jack… you could even say I skated over it…

I think eel be coming back to this thread

Stop being spratts

I don’t believe i’m herring all this…