Are You Watching Traffic Cops on BBC1 now?

Another danger to add to the list…snow, ice, cars, vans and now pheasants too!

ooooo that did look painful!!!

see his eye!!!

Pah, he’s not injured, hardly a flesh wound, if you want to see real crash injuries…

That wasn’t a Firestorm, it was an SP1:cool:

Well slap my wrists!! did not have yoshimura’s on either!

I like what they said at the end…Mr prat in a range rover wasnt prosecuted but WEHEY he got sent to prison on other offences which included perverting the course of justice:laugh::P:D

Did sound nice though;):smiley:

jesus that fes!!!:w00t:…went right threw his visor at 60 mph…imagine that…ur riding along and a foukin bird decides to nut ya !!..

but the guy shows his true biker form…and even tho he’s got claret p1ssing out of his nose,he still manages to crack a funny…

good on yer mate;).


Ouch - poor pheasant-man! :crazy:

The one that really made me annoyed is the bloke in the 4x4 overtaking on the solid white lines across a junction, then saying he “would have seen” someone pulling out, and stopped.

Everyone else held their hands up and got terribly embarrassed, and rightly so.

sounds kinky…shame i missed it:hehe:

iv never even seen a africa twin in the flesh

but 5-600 kg, what is that dude on about

He was making out he was whiter than white. Traffic cop wasn’t impressed, and despite the sentence for other offences they should have prosecuted him.

Did you see the smugg look on that coppers face when he pulled him. That ****** enjoyed every minute of it.

I saw that too, could have punched him!

The thing that worried me was with the bike/horse crash and the “expert” copper who worked out that the bike was on the wrong side of the road to see round the corner when the witness said he was on his side of the road until things went wrong. I presume he could have been prosecuted based on a so called experts opinion? The same expert who reckons bikes are 6 or 700 kilos! Even my 1400 with me on doesn’t weight that much!

Tugs does but the again he is a fat c**t :Deven though it was a repeat was good in places, memo to self avoid humberside and DEFFO no racing 'busas :D:D

Since when an Africa TWin powerful or 600 kilos? Feel the mighty 60 BHP!!

Met a guy once whod been riding on a country road with one of those novelty helmet things - rabbit ears or something - next thing he knew, a bird was attacking his ears and flapping around on his visor. He had to fight it off with one hand whilst trying to pull over :smiley:

It’s on BBC iPlayer now. I’m just watching it… I already know we’re going to do ourselves a mis-justice in the public’s eye!

Yeah I think the traffic plod was loving his TV moment a bit to much there - 600kg’s! I’m pretty sure mine wasn’t that heavy