Are You Watching Traffic Cops on BBC1 now?

It is focusing on Motorcycles!

aaarrggghh! cant! my brother is on the stupid xbox!

Isn’t it a repeat?

Yep, repeat!


Is it the one with bloke going through a village at a silly speed and getting tugged on the approach to a roundabout? If so, I’ll continue offering words of advice to those starring in Road Wars on Sky 1

Just put it on myself, some guy come a croper and a horse was involved

Through a village on a firestorm!! tut tut

Oh now a very large PC, thats why he is in a Volvo!!

dippy blonde doesnt want to chip her nails by peeling her tinted windows lol

“5 or 6 hundred kilo motorbike”???
What was it? A car?!
Only just started watching the program

Thats about twice the weight of a blackbird!!!

Lmfao, found that quite funny.

lol stupid old man playing ignorance to over taking on wrong side of road! idiot!:w00t:

lol… now thats one bad ass cop bike… just check out that busa, reckon he’d be up for trying to keep up with us moto boys on the lanes

He’s actualy going for a car and not the bikes… lol :smiley:

cop busa! you wouldnt even notice it was a copper, not that clear!

Nope and id be the twat who wheelies past him too. That guy on the Duke needs to get a proper moto, i had one of them and its nowhere near as much fun as my 525 :smiley:


Pants, Pants, Pants, switched it off, they only show you the bits that make bikers look bad.

124mph out of a lupo, must be a record!!

Ouch, watch out for pheasants… that guys face looks painfull :w00t: