Are you a seasonal rider or all year round?

What it says on the tin really.
I know some people like my mates who are all year riders, then some are just better weather or summer riders, what about you?

Pick an option then write why, Personal preference, dont have access to a car, hit a lot of traffic etc etc.

I am an all year rider, rain, shine, snow or even ice.
Back at the start of this year i was riding in the snow and ice which was an… experience with many fish tailing icy experiences.

I do it because i dont have access to a car, or more to the point a car license and i just love bikes too much :smiley:


An all year round rider. Car only when carrying lots of stuff or snow and ice. I have to carry quite a lot of paperwork for work so the bike in the snow and ice is a no no. I do a lot of miles so the bike is the cheapest way to get around, a third of the cost in petrol and it saves me so much time. Also, being a newbie to biking I love it so much. Can do some small food shops on the bike but a major one needs the car.

An all year round-er…tube/buses only when icy.

all year…don’t particularly like cars and only use one if I really have to

All year because that’s how a true rider does it!

To me ice just makes the ride more interesting. :slight_smile:

I am not sure what i am?!?! you will all probably tell me that i am a fair wheather rider!!

I ride my bike all the time in the summer months, inless i need the car for various reasons at work or i am having a pint or two!

I will not risk riding in the snow or ice, simply because i have a car so what is the point in risking dropping my new bike! and i get cold very easily!! but as soon as it is a sunny day in any month, what ever the temperature i will ride the bike. The bike gets ridden at least twice every winter month but is dependent on it being a dry day.

All year round…not too much of a hardship here reallz :slight_smile:

all year, minus the ice and snow and use the car for the boring motorway trips or the shopping


There was noticeably less today on the ride in, either holidays or the forecast for rain has scared a few off.

Used to be all year all year rider but now I end up taking the train on really cold days and this winter gone I just laid the bike up for a couple of months. Every year keep meaning to buy some quality heated kit but it’s too expensive for the couple of months use I’d get out of it. Summer’s the best time to really enjoy the bike IMO :).


All year. Every Saturday afternoon & Sunday.

I use the bike on every occasion it is reasonably safe to do so (ie road not covered in snow or particularly icy). I have a car but only use it for about 500 miles per year - ie when I absolutely have to, eg transporting more than 1 passenger, elderly inlaws or bulky flatpacks from IKEA. And that is with much kicking and screaming on my part :hehe:

All year round commute to the City other than in ice/snow. Out other times when possible (rarely!).

Use the car when the wife and little 'un are with me and for exciting things like shopping etc.

All year for me, I hate using public transport and dont have a car, but even if I did I dont think I would use teh bike anyless.

Well at least i hope i wouldnt :smiley:


I’ve done my time. In my youth I did all weathers, I even dispatched for a couple of years so I think I’ve earned my rightful place in the grand scheme of things and now I’m 84, I’m too old and geriatric to cope with the cold and wet.:D;)

All year round for me. Even did compacted snow (for 50 yards) earlier in the year.

Just can’t do public transport. I’d rather ride my bike in the snow than bugger about with the train.

You poor old thing:)

all year round, u learn throttle control in snow oh and Pirelli Angels no better than BT021’s in snow n ice:D :smiley:

Same as most here, all year and all weathers bar snow and ice. Pretty much weekdays only as I’m commuting into work. Weekends the odd ride for fun and used if its quicker/easier.

Only have one car between me and the missus anyway and she’s doesn’t bike!