Are you a FWB?

I was reading another forum this morning (busy day at work) and people were talking about Fair Weather bikers-FWB, RUB, DIB, BAB etc.

I was interested to see who on here rides for leisure (mostly in fair weather, I presume) and who of you ride because you have to?

I am a FWB and dont mind admitting it-I ride throughout the year but try to avoid going out in pishing rain.

i am a fwb, cos i walk to work and dont have to commutte. I will ride in the rain but not if i have to

i ride all year round,come rain ice or shine,just for leisure.

All year round.

Commute and pleasure.

Damn…I thought you meant FWB…“Friend with Benefits”

I don’t ride in the rain…my bike is a big toy, not my primary means of transportation. I ride when the weather is nice and I enjoy it. There is nothing fun at all about being cold/wet/slipping and sliding all over the tarmac in hostile conditions.

but… saying that i have done some cracking rides in winter long distance and still loved it!

Last year i was out most of the time even the year before and i even washed and waxed my bike on the 23rd of december when it was sunny but fooking cold!( yes i know sad in it). But you know you have more fun on dry roads lets face it !

All weathers barring obvious ice and snow; I’m fortunate in not having to commute so it’s all for pleasure and shopping!

Good weather-protection on the X9

All year round for me, not just because i have too but i enjoy it too

I thought it might have meant ‘fat white boy’ or something, lol. I ride all year around through all weather for fun and for commute.

I ride all year round whatever the weather.

all weathers which is why i’m reluctant to stick the pc3 under the seat cos i need the space for my waterproof trousers…

All year round in rain, snow (yep on an R1 which was interesting especially the looks I got ) for the last 3 years…BUT

This year I’m going to get a cheap little 125 run around for this winter and put my R1 away as its too expensive to run, maintain, insure and crash

Yep another FWB here…to reiterate what an earlier member said, my bike is a very expensive toy and I ride to have fun and get away from the boring commute I have to do in a car every day…rain, cold and any inclement weather do not add up to enjoyment in my opinion…I also wear matching leathers…so FLAME me

I don’t NEED to ride my bike, and most of the time I can’t cos it doesn’t make a very good taxi for all the rug-rats, but I’ve been out in sun, wind and rain. As a new rider I reckon I would have been silly going out in ice and snow so it stayed under its cover when it was icy and snowy. I’m happy enough going out when it’s really cold and a bit damp though as there’s still the novelty factor going on.

What do all those other acronyms stand for?

All weathers and temperatures. I might stay indoors if there’s a blizzard. No commute, , 25,000 miles a year for pure pleasure.

I tend not to feel the cold, and with all the gear, rain doesn’t bother me so I commute regardless of weather. I guess I would use the tube if it was snowing though.

Not really done much leisure biking, but hopefully that will change when the warmer days get here.

For ChoccieMuffin:

FWB-fair weather, RUB-Rich urban biker (I wouldnt mind being one of these), DIB-Disposable income biker, BAB-born again and about 50 more that I havent heard.

No, my Honda is all I have. Just one day (8th February!!) this winter there was too much snow to get out of the front garden and I had to take to the tube, other than that I commute every day and use it to get about in the evenings and at weekends.

Girlfriend has a car and a 9-year-old son so we use the Renault when we go anywhere together!