Are you a FWB?

er, this is England. It rains all the time!

All year round for me except if it is snowing 56 miles each way every day on the M25 luv it

generally all year round, again barring snow and ice

Don’t enjoy the cold commuting but you can’t beat a dry winter blast!

except if its raining, eh John

I ride all year round, come rain or shine

All year except Ice. Commuting, pleasure, whenever I don’t need the space the car can provide (4 book shelves and a coffe table from ikea the other day would have been interesting on the bike for instance ) Prefered means of transport even in the wet…

All year around whatever the weather

Same here!!! With good waterproof’s HAHA

All year round come rain or shine even snow if i have to get to work

And at weekends for fun…