Anyone ridden to Russia/Moscow?

Hey all.

Depends on what I do about my job for now - I resigned, might go straight into another job, retrain to do some other profession, or just do a few cash jobs then bugger off travelling.

Now the latter option is obviously the mist exciting, but we’ll see how it goes…

ANYWAY… I’ve been thinking, I’d lo ride out to Moscow, dump the bike (donate to charity, whatever) and then jump on the Trans-Siberian highway.

Has anyone done a similar thing? I’d be interested to hear some stories! :slight_smile:

I have been to Russia many times , done a few hundred miles on their roads . If the fabric of the road don’t get you then the other road users will in the most criminally unsafe vehicle collection in the world . I saw carnage ,much carnage …bits of people lying on the road ,and the road does not close, you just dodge the big chunks . We would place bets not on if we saw a crash but on how many we would see . Just driving along we got hit by a radiator that fell off a car as he was driving !!! Imagine you were on a bike behind that !!

Napoleon and Hitler also had a bad experience on the road to Moscow.


Oh yeah I remember you mentioning your time in Russia haha

Couple mates made it to Ullanbataaar in a 900cc Deawoo Matiz and they managed it alright it seems

If I do ride through, hopefully my limbs won’t end up smeared all over Red square

PMSL :laugh:

to be fair, a similar thing could easily happen lets say on Albert Bridge on a saturday afternoon, when some imbecile decided to transport a double mattress on the roof of his car held by just TWO elastic cable ties. luckily i was two cars behind so i saw the mattress catch a bit of wind and sail to the other side of the road, hitting another car.
i wish it ended up in the river, that would have had me in stitches. :laugh:

I imagine this time of year it would be rather cold…currently 4 deg and 0 at night

Why stop at Moscow? Getting there is easy.

If you listen to martin, the chances are you’ll end up in Vladivostock…

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The roads are terrible so take your time. You’ll need a visa and an international driving permit.
Police and speed checks everywhere and the ‘fines’ are applied with zeal.
Still fantastic place to go. We we as far as St Petersburg.
Despite the crap roads and ‘fines’ i’d say go. Weather is turning against you at this point though.

Somewhere I have the 2004 ‘Long Way Round’ TV documentary on DVD

Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregar rode motorcycles 20,000 miles ‘The Long Way Round’ from London to New York via Russia, but you knew that. When the planning is done and their journey starts to unfold you’re thinking to yourself oh yes, one day Thomas. When it’s all done and dusted you’re thinking maybe just a sortie around Europe then.

So poor was the route in places, even with much assistance from the locals once word got out it was a film crew, they still had to resort to transporting themselves, their motorcycles, the back up crew complete with their 4x4’s by train and an assortment of trucks.

Ok, where do I start :smiley:
As someone mentioned U’ll need visa, not sure about driving permit, EU approved licence should work fine IMO.
Anyway, roads in Moscow in some places are so so, in some they are fine, in some awful. Potholes, uncovered manholes, be ready for everything.
Some roads which start after you leave Moscow are just stupidly bad, havent seen anything like that anywhere.

Take into account that that’s the country where are a lot of people who just bought their driving licence (NO kiddin) without knowing how to drive or anything about road signs.
Think if you want to be on the road amongst such people. And if you do get in trouble but with wrong people (some are connected) you’ll be the one who’s fault it was even thou it really wasn’t.

There are lots good people, don’t get me wrong, but there some not very good. Just be 10x more careful on the road.

As Russian writer Tiuchev said “You can’t understand Russia logically”

Good Luck

Accidents do quickly become a bidding war with the police to decide who’s fault it was. He who has the most cash on them gets the prize :slight_smile:

sounds a lot like football to me.

:laugh: :smiley:

Yeah - as Churchill said: ‘Russia; It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma’ - which actually sounds like a fantastic game of pass the parcel!

Come along to the Ed March talk he has just got back and will have advise ,videos, and pictures plus its a good night out

You do still need an IDP for Russia

Just got back from a ride through Russia into Georgia, thoroughly enjoyed it all, the roads and drivers can be a challenge though. keep your wits about you and you’ll be fine…

I think he’s going to have a go at getting to Reading first :slight_smile:,-but

Hahaha Martin you cheeky cuunt :wink:

As things have panned out with work I’m sadly not going to be able to head out on some major travels… However, they’ll just be put on the back burner - saved for another day!

I was lucky in that I resigned from my job with no concrete plans, until I got offered a great job for better money a couple days after I handed in my resignation. So I’m straight from one job into the next once I’ve served my notice. My adventure riding will be reserved for going between Isleworth and Reading.

Thanks to everyone who’s shared their stories though - I’ve a couple years to save up and then go off on a blast headed east. Can’t wait! :slight_smile:

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