Anyone ridden to Russia/Moscow?

If you will be in Moscow you can repair in auto service


well! apart from the current climate making they nearly impossible. This post is 11 years old, so would think this idea has moved on some what!


Is it just me who wonders if he made it in the end, and how far he went?

I went to the city of Perm for a couple of weeks back in 2016 to meet my wife’s grandparents and it was a lot of fun. For logistical reasons and simplicity didn’t drive but had great fun on a train ride to a village to see an ice cave - including getting pulled off the train by a 70 year old who just wanted to board first.

Yes the driving standards are very suspect but also contradictory because everyone stops at zebra crossings to let you pass in the city. My favourite bit on the roads was a palette stuck inside a ‘crater’ in the road to sign post it was there. But in doing so was turned into something resembling a 16th century spike defence against horses. And then seeing at night an m3 battle it out through the city centre with an s1000r (from the comfort of our cafe).

Despite the political situation, I do want to return one day as I had quite a good time and the people did feel quite genuine and cool. It does help being married to someone who speaks the language though :wink:


Indeed. @Conrad_B, did you go?