Anyone recognise this rider?

53 plate bike at the top of lavender hill going towards latchmere

no. is something up?

Camo trousers so MUST be a courier…

Will keep an eye out, is he a good guy or a bad guy?

Avoid at all costs

Looks like he’s riding a Honda Hornet 900


Trunkie wants a bun!

what he do! what he do?
tell meeeeer

yep thats a 900 alright

He’s watched judge dread too many times

Strange, he doesn’t look like he’s wearing tights on the bike!?

I have come across him a few time from downham upto the new kent road between 6.45 to 7 at the downham way - bromley hill junction he does think he the original nutter i’ve show him the back end of the fazer a fewtimes to be fair but then just let him go but you need to have your wits about you if you tangle with him the only rule as far as he is concerned is there are no rules he is gonna die on that thing i put money on it he is from eastern europe and he is a courier .

I’ve not come across him on the bike yet this was in the car twice this week and he’s putting other bikes at risk.

and…what are you a copper!?

let him get on with it, no ones an angel…

When he tried to smash my window almost made me take out another biker because he was being dangerous and again this morning being a **** yeah ima post this up you courier cock sucker

oh shut up, stop taking pictures get out of your car and tell him then you fucking pussy!

i wouldnt have any of it barry if you have seen him a couple of times in the same spot maybe you need to plot up on him an have word he deffo lives down this end .

exactly, ask him to pull over, tell him you wanna word with him.

let me take care of him.

they usually become really humble when its a woman putting them to shame on a bike :smiley:

watch out for kerbs:hehe::smiley:

@Ratty46 - And what you will tell him, and furthermore what he will understand?

I don’t think we can do much, I don’t think Police will do anything.

And is there any story behind that “being unsafe for other motorists?”, rain is unsafe and none bragging about it (just curious).