Anyone not on Jetsreams Treasure Hunt fancy a ride out/BCR on Sunday morning 3rd May North London

OK now it looks like there are a few of us going to make this ride out on Sunday, but it’s started to get a bit complicated!!:crying: So talking to Ratty/Woo Woo the plan is going to be nice and simple for those who decide that they are coming out to play.

Two meeting points,

The original one as I suggested outside CSMT,-0.085852&sspn=0.009007,0.019312&ie=UTF8&ll=51.616777,-0.085852&spn=0.006755,0.019226&z=16&iwloc=A on the A10/A406 roundabout at 7.45am where I will be (red CBR600 wearing black/white/silver leathers). We’ll then leave at 8am and meet Ratty at the BCR roundabout by 8.15.

Second meeting point is the BCR roundabout,0.142769&daddr=&hl=en&geocode=&mra=mi&mrsp=0&sz=17&sll=51.593309,0.142726&sspn=0.003379,0.01369&ie=UTF8&z=16 where Ratty will be (Blue SV wearing hoodie and the 46 helmet) 8.15am, we’ll aim to leave by 8.30am

Told you it was simple, remember though;

  • Full tank of petrol when you turn up
  • Get to meeting point before 8.00am/8.30am as these are times we are leaving
  • Carry some cash to pay for breakfast!!
  • Don’t be late!
    - And don’t ask if we can meet up anywhere else or change the times as I may lose the will to live

Role call so far looks like

Woo Woo

Anyone meeting at CSMT PM me with mobile number if you possible.



id be up for this, dont know the route though


would be up for this but duno the way:D

i do:D

im tempted if weathers good, i really shouldnt tho, im trying not to go out cos got trackday soon, wanna keep miles down…but if the sun is shining i dont mind leading;)

I’ll even have a look about for some Knee Sliders…have some that came with a 2nd hand pair of leather that were a bit battered tucked away in the garage I think. Mind you I’m struggling to use the ones I have now, just scrapes on the garage wall so far!!!

haha donations welcome! i eat sliders, tho my lastest pair will take soem grinding! they are huge!

if i do come out i demand 5 misn at my fave roundabout-wich is on route:), not always possible for kd on the lanes, tho early should be ok:D

i dont have sliders yet as ive only got textiles :angry:

:smiley: one thing at a time;) assuming i mean you wanan have a go:D

have you all rode the lanes? or it sit first time for some?

some parts can be tricky, pay attention to the road and watch for s-bend signs and you be fine!

more importantly go at your pace…

if i come out, and end up leading i will stop and wait so we all re-group, tis not hard, i can know teh lanes fairly well so can go at a fair pace, if your not sure… dont try keep up, i will wait at junctions!:wink:

hell we might be able to get sneaky out! he knows teh slighterly longer route, i kinda know it but dont wanan get you lot lost!:smiley: so shoter route it is? be it slightly shorter:)

Good to see you have the bug cooltempo5. I’ll be up for this if I can be back around 12ish and its not pissing down. Got some new Hoops on the Gixer so it will be good to put some miles on them.

+1 Good advise, Like Ratty said Go at your own Pace!-- Its great because everybody re-groups at the next junction. Sometime I like to go like a bat out of hell, other time its nice to sit back and relax and just follow the group.

im same mate soemtimes i like sitting at the back, be helpfull to have someone else that knows teh route, i can drop back make sure no one gets lost on any of teh turn offs etc while you go ahead to next junction and wait,or vice versa either way will work:) plus i hear your not slow! you prob wanan be upfront?

Sounds like we’re on for Sunday then weather permitting!!
Great advice from the guys. Woo Woo did exactly that when
We went out, admitedly hoping you won’t have to wait as long
For me this time…defo go at your own speed around the lanes
not a time for follow the leader no matter what! Just great to
be able to push yourself and watch the lines the faster riders
take - I flippin loved it!!

first time for me. i dont really know any details of it tbh, just did a little search for it on here and found a tiny bit of info, what is the route?

well its aroute on mianly twisty country roads, quite a few s-bends…you have to be confident to ride it, its not mega scary it sjust some corners can be very tight and can catch you out if you go in too fast. along the route you will see S-Bend signs, pay attention to them and lsow a little for them, you will be fine. as said just go at your own pace, know need to feel liek you have to go faster than you are comfertable with to keep up with others…we will wait. gives me time for a quick smoke break:D:D

also, we do this on the BCR…pay attention to speed limits! 30,40, and some new 50 stretches, there are police on the route, last time i was out there was a police bike layed up in a village, watchin for bikes taking the ****…so any villages where speed changes, stick to it, until you see them NSL signs then its game on…

i dont mean to rattle on, it sjust i have rode the lanes for while, its best you knwo these things before we go out, makes teh ride better smoother and more fun for everyone:)

now…lets all pray for to the sun gods until sunday morning;):smiley:

oh and its baisicly romford to finchingfield, roughly 40 miles;)

sounds good to me!

weather for sunday is sun and 16 degrees for romford, lets hope it stays that way! :smiley:

Well since you start in North London, Epping would be the right place to meet. Since from High Beach you take the roads straight there.

If you wanna head that way let me know and I might pop along. Just meet up at the Epping meet point or the Pub in the forest area or the Shell Petrol Station as the petrol is cheaper than anywhere else if anyone needs to fill up. You looking at about 35 miles from there to Finch. If we meet up with rest of BCR than it will be even more miles, I haven’t really ventured on my own too far beyond Finch, but I have an idea of what roads to take, could get lost:D

This is the Petrol Station:,0.063922&sspn=0.009234,0.019312&ie=UTF8&z=16

Just let me know what time you have in mind and what pace the ride will be… when we reach Finchingfield we can meet up with th rest of the boys maybe? I have their numbers so can contact Mr Sneaky.

meeting points alreay confirmed dude…Cooltempo has called it. no need for another meeting point, easy access to lanes from where cooltempo has suggested.

if you wanna come meets us there…i aint missing gravel lane for no one…i will speak to sneaky to see if hes out sunday, it dpeneds if he can get a pass slip:D