Anyone near Bexleyheath, Kent?

I’ve moved to Bexleyheath recently. Anyone in here who live near by? It will be nice to have a mate to ride with. :slight_smile:

I’m quite a bit further out into the wilds of Kent, but always interested in a ride… unless I’m at work… or at home looking after the kids… or being led around Bluewater whilst the Mrs abuses my credit card etc etc

Chislehurst meself so not to far

Looks like the VFR club is a South London thing now.:smiley:

See you at BMM

im near brands not far from bexleyheath

Hither Green, near Lewisham. Not far from you either.

*White Eagle
Chislehurst meself so not to far

Blimey. Someone else in Chislehurst. And I thought it was only the H D mob that knew where that was.

Too old and slow for riding with VFR’s but looks like there are a few others that might be with you Pavel.

Abbey Wood, so just down Knee Hill from you. I used to have a VFR too!

new eltham… but u’ll have to wait till i’m back on two wheels

I’m in Greenwich, near Bexleyheath and Lewisham :slight_smile:

I’m not old enough to ride a Honda! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll stick to riding my Gixxer around Greenwich… :wink:

welcome to southeast pawel :):):D:):slight_smile:

im in mottingham so really really close!!

so how about a ride

this sunday maybe???

I’m in erith and with another VFR … we head out on weds and friday evenings

your more than welcome to come along

i’m staying away from bexleyheath, seems some kind of vfr thing about it.

Not a VFR or HD but a triple.

Can’t make this Sunday unless you want to ride in for the Unity ride from the Oakdene.

But we could have yet another club here, the South East London Crew or something

I’m so happy that I’m not alone in here.

Sunday, I’m at work. :frowning:

further into kent but not too far from you
Oakdene tomorrow morning maybe???

Bexleyheath is kent whether you like it or not. lolAs you know pawel not far from there me self, se london, se16. i get that way sometimes too me bro lives blackfen way and got a m8 in b/heath too.

Plumstead, so yes fairly close, about 10 minutes away. Depends where in Bexleyheath I suppose