Anyone near Bexleyheath, Kent?

I’m not old enough to ride a Honda! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll stick to riding my Gixxer around Greenwich… :wink:

Cheeky grey haired old sod :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m Wilmington, right next door:)

Broady (16/08/2008)

I’m not old enough to ride a Honda! :stuck_out_tongue:

with age comes common sense …lol :smiley:

I rode my VFR until it was written off, but then saw the light and got a nice Triumph…!:smiley: Each to there own. Hope to see you guys around sometime.

There’s loads of us… I wonder how many of you lot I’ve nodded at. :smiley:

I’ll take that as a compliment! :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you become a bike mechanic? :hehe:

I’m moving, but I’ll still be in Beckenham so not a million miles away :slight_smile:

That’s where my folks live! Only 15 minutes from some nice roads, is Beckenham…

Funny thing is that I’ve done less on the Triumph’s mechanically speaking than I’ve done on the Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki’s that I’ve had doing similar mileage and whatnot. It is reliable, goes quickly enough for me and is comfortable and economical for nearly litre bike.

:smiley: “Come to the Triple Side, we have single malt whisky.”

Down in Biggin Hill, great roads round these here parts.

Northumberland heath :slight_smile:

driesie (16/08/2008)

Hither Green, near Lewisham. Not far from you either.[/quote

Hither Green for me too.

from this topic we can assume their are quite a few in a small area, so when some1 does a meet at blackheat tea hut do you not go? i know i dont attend too, lol

i will go if theres a meet at the tea hut :slight_smile:

Maybe a little SE London drink-up would be in order? :slight_smile:

USED TO SPEND HOURS OVER THERE WHEN I HAD MY ZXR400 ,only cause it kept going wrong and i had to keep going up to Bats to get the bits to fix it;)

Welcome to S.E :), I’m in Catford / Sydenham.


I live about 2 mins from the blackheath tea hut - when are people next meeting there? Would be good to get to know the ‘locals’…

I’d be up for a Blackheath tea hut meet. Need a bit more advanced notice than the last couple of meets though.

Hey alistair, where abouts in Hither Green are you and what to do you ride? I’m off Hither Green lane and ride a yammie XT660X.