anyone interested

hey all,Right, im thinking about organizing a day/weekend away for anyone thats interested. it wont happen until the middle of the year but i just wanted to get some feedback. i know some of ya are already up for it…Smiled, elad.

Basically, it involves a ride out & for the brave a jump out of a perfectly good plane…lol. we could do it at one of the drop zones in the uk or we could ride to spain/ france ect…

Even if you don’t jump it would be a great day out. they normally have a bar & cafe so you can chill while you watch the rest of us defy death…or sh*t ourselves…:hehe:

I think it would be a laugh…what d’ya all reckon???

that sounds fab - I’ve always wanted to jump out of a plane :w00t:

count me in fella…i think you get it for free if you do it or a charity or somthing…anyways…yeaaa


Awwww can’t we do bungy jumping instead! always wanted to have a go …i did all the jumping out of planes thing as a teenager…need a bigger adrenalin rush nowadays lol:D

As long as it’s parachuting and not bunjee jumping, it sounds ace. I’ve done it once before and it was wicked. Scary, but wicked :smiley:

A great idea and it’s a very safe sport. I’d suggest going for the freefall tandem jump. This is where you’ll be strapped to an instructor and will get the full freefall experience from 13,000 ft. A complete beginner can do this. The other option is a static line jump but you will not get the freefall experience as your canopy opens immediately on the exit.

If you’re thinking of going to Spain check out

I did the AFF course there and can highly recommend the place.

Smiled, yes you can do it for free if you do it for charity & get sponsored. i think if you get double the fee in sponsorship then you jump for nothing.

b, tandem freefall is what i expected most to do. Probably the easiest way to experience skydiving. After a short briefing you will be ready to take to the skies at altitudes up to 13,000 feet depending on weather and local air traffic control restrictions. Training is run throughout the day and students are strapped to the front of a Tandem instructor who is there to control the entire skydive for you.

you could also to aff (Accelerated Freefall) level 1, full day in the classroom followed by your first freefall skydive from 13,000 feet. After you have completed your level 1 you may then wish to continue to complete the whole course which consists of eight levels.

wasp, come on, a bungy jump!! jump off a crane, bridge ect with an elastic band strapped to your feet. personally i think it is overrated & boring. unless you go to a big one like victoria falls

come on guys, i thought there would be more interest.

Why anyone would want to jump out of a plane that is perfectly capable of landing is beyond me:w00t:

Nutters, the lot of ya!;):D:cool:

come on chunky, you know you want to…

even if you dont you still could come along. think it would be a cracking day.

hehe I dont remember signing up for that one!!! Scares me poo-less to think of doing sommit like that…!! But the tandem thing does look cool though…its about £230 quid for the level 1 thing, and there are a loads of places that do it near london (cambridge I think is a good one)

Bungie jumps are cool, did one in New Zealand over a river, definitely better than a crane, but still but still scared me poo-less…

I did my NATO course with the Dutch Military at a little island called Texel, just off the North Coast of Holland. Excellent place for a bit of a break, course open to civvies and military, AFF and Tandem too. Maybe a good place for a bit of an extended ride/break??

Elad, he he, sorry mate…thought you said you’d be up for it. must have been one of the others. chicken…lolyour right about the price but that the AFF ( proper freefall on your own) a tandem would be around 130/170 depending how many of us & where we jump. also, like i said before its free if you can get sponsored.Gazhurst, good idea. this is what i want, feedback. theres also a huge drop zone with fantastic facilities, aircraft run by the Army Parachute Association at Netheravon in wiltshire.

I would love to see the look on an Instructors face when he/she was told they’d have Chunks strapped to the front of them! :w00t:

They could set a new accelerated freefall record!! :wink:

I’m surprised Alice hasn’t jumped on this thread with all this talk of Strap-Ons;):D:D:D

isn`t there a weight limit???

i would like to av a go but im a fat fu(ker so i most probable wont be able to jump. id join ya on the ride down to the place wid you all

the weight limit is 15.5 stone.

How about bungee parachuting? Jump out of the plane with the parachute attached by bungee rope to your ankles?

Count me out, don’t really like heights at the best of times. But if your going to do it for charity, i’ll pay for someone else to do it.

I would be up for this, when are you looking to do it? was wanting to jump out of a plane at some point this year anyway :smiley:

chunky would turn up with a bin liner straped around his neck and a tin of red bull…!!!

as for this jump…i have to plan as i wanted to do the cannonball run and nurenburge…this year…lots to do…lots to doo…

ohh yea…and the italy trip to see alice


I’d be up for this!!

But I’m terrified of heights. Let us know as soon as you’ve got some ideas!!