anyone interested

Let me know when and how much - i’m up for this!:smiley:

like i said im just putting the feelers out to see who’s interested.

i’ll start lookiing into it. we can do it anytime but i reckon between may & september. as soon as the weather gets better. that way theres less chance of the weather messing it up for us.

so what do you lot reckon.

uk & daytrip

uk overnight, that way we can all get blotto

or weekend in spain.

i think a day trip, early start & a nice ride to the dropzone. then back in the evening.

count me in Mate, parachuting or bungy jumping :smiley:

Option 2 - get blotto’ed all the way!!!:D:D

Option 2 - get blotto’ed all the way!!!:D:D

Option 2 - get blotto’ed all the way!!!:D:D

Option 2 - get blotto’ed all the way!!!:D:D

Option 2 - get blotto’ed all the way!!!:D:D

Option 2 - get blotto’ed all the way!!!:D:D

but when i’m pi$$ed - keep me away from your bikes or anything that will cut my thumb’s (might aswell beat Tug/terry/grim/debs/gina/adam/ben63324-whatever - to it!!!:stuck_out_tongue: )

Count me in…all going I have my licence by then!

Why don’t we do this for the London Air Ambulance? Here is the information from TLA…

Accelerated Freefall (Solo Skydive)

What is an Accelerated Freefall Jump?
If you’re really adventurous why not take the first part of a professional skydivers course –also known as Accelerated Freefall (AFF Level 1). You’ll have a full day’s ground training from two qualified instructors before you skydive solo from 10,000 feet.

What does the jump involve?
Learning to skydive solo is a big challenge and you will start with a full day’s training including practical and classroom sessions covering all areas of making a solo skydive from 10,000 feet. On the second day, once your instructors are satisfied that you are ready, you will climb aboard the aircraft to be taken to your jump altitude. Whilst you will jump solo (with no one harnessed to you) your two instructors will jump with you and be by your side until approximately 5,000 feet when you pull your parachute canopy. From that point you
will steer your parachute on your own but will be guided down by ground control who will talk you through the landing procedure.

Minimum Sponsorship - £535
Jump Altitude - 10,000ft
Duration - 2 days
Solo Jump

They also offer a tandem jump that is all done on the same day and the minimum sponsorship is only £385.

I’d be up for the accelerated freefall, oh yes!! :wink:

gazza, let me look in to it.

you can get it so much cheaper. like i said a tandem is around 130/170 depending on how many of us & what sort of deal i can get, also location. to do it for free you have to get double in sponsorship.

AFF level one is about an extra £100. this is the one where you jump on your own with a guy jumping with you to help

You can do enough damage falling 3 feet mate. What will you do from 3,000?;):smiley:

£130? sign me up!

I’m surprised Flatout hasn’t jumped in here… he’s very good at falling out of planes :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: