Another bike stolen

Thanks everybody, at the moment I am going through stages of grief and violent anger.

Apparently the police will respond within 48 hours, great, bike stolen, neighbour threatened (she’s still shaking) and a brilliant response rate. She was the only one who tried and she is tiny. All other neighbours (many would have been in) plus cars who were beeping at the *******s as they blocked off the whole road for at least 5 minutes did nothing, none of them took a picture of the van and number plate or the 4 guys who stole it. Why can’t people use the technology they own? Surely, they can’t all be that selfish and dumb?

To rub salt into the wound they’ve sent me a notice of intended prosecution for travelling at 37 mph in a 30 mph zone last Sunday on Flatout’s ride out. Glad to see another instance were my tax money is well spent and I am able to assist the Sussex Police with the Xmas fund. No doubt, they’ll be able to buy an extra batch of donoughts (sugar coated) for their tea now.

Sht Andrea just read it what a Fcker what can i say that hasnt been said, hope your feeling ok about it all

Hope she turns up for you Andrea - I think you all should move to Watford.V.low theft rates over this way.

sorry to hear this, wot part of the east end?

im in walthamstow

matches the description of the b astards who stole my bike hun…

3 of them one black fella and two halfblack(dont know the political correct word for that im afraid)/aisan fellas…in a white van…

had a lock up in cris/palace…

they tried to get into my house a week before and my girlfreind disturbed them at aroun 4:30-5 in the morning

i bet its them…ive just got a feeling…simply becouse they’re bold as brass with it…

soooo sorry babe…if theres anything i can doo…im just a pm away…

action needs to be taken NOW ppl…this is f ucking me off!!!

furious smiled.

heck Andrea, so sorry to hear about your bike. not much really more I can say, only that I hope you get her back and that the insurance company helps as much as it can.

Sorry to hear this Andrea and a ticket on top too. I bet it was that camera where the big white van seemed to have parked right in front of on purpose… Made me yank my brakes on a bit sharp! Could have caused an accident with people right behind me…

Really sorry to hear about this Andrea.

Andrea, I’m soooo gutted for you. I know how much you loved your bike. Sorry if I was a bit crap last night, I was way too drunk and it’s all a bit of a fuzz.

If there’s anything I can do, please let me know.

sorry to hear about u r bike andrea ,dont u just love sussex police what timing they have

Andrea, only just read this. I feel for you. I know how much your R6 means to you and the insurance money cant buy that back. Here’s hopeing that they find it in one piece very soon. It does happen!

you poor thing! im so sorry again, and what cs about the speeding ticket. i hope you get some justice, its just not on what these a****s are doing!.

Thanks again everybody, you are such a great bunch. What would I don without you? Tried retail therapy today, first time that didn’t work, never thought a bike could grow on me that much.

If any of you fancy a drink during the week or have some spare time tomorrow, somewhere not bike related so I can have a whinge let me know (pm me). Need some biker company, my non biking friends can’t really understand what it feels like.

Watford, fine, I am ready to move now.

I am in Walthamstow, so watch your bike, they were in a big transit van my neighbour said, big black guy, three young average size asian guys 20-25 she thought. They sound the same lot which did Smiled’s bike earlier this year; you lucky thing, can’t believe you got her back. I fear that nothing much is left of my baby by now.

Don’t know if I have the energy to have a fight with the cops over the speeding thing as well.


Oh Andrea, not your baby? I am sooo sorry to hear it hun

W****S. What can I say that hasnt been said already. Eyes and ears peeled as always. PM sent.

PM sent

Hi again mate…least i could do was to take u home so no prob there would do it for anyone in same position…SO sorry, i know how it feels…had 2 bikes nicked from home and its gut wrenching for any of us, and i know how u loved that bike and u just got it how u wanted it too !!! They sound like the same shower of ****e that nicked the Busa? white van big black guy and other smaller black guy and asian…they sat outside my home for about 4 hrs waiting for all the house lights to go off and neighbours, then they just got out and all lifted it and carried it and ignored my neighbour, who has heart condition and told him to go indoors again! He came to me after they had gone and woke me but it was too late and the police didnt come till later and said they would look round the streets, whether they did or not i dont know cos they never got back to us…as they do!! Seems we dont even warrant a curtesy call even nowdays to say at least they tried to find em !! what do we pay our taxes for?

I truely hope the insurance will go some way to you replacing with another bike? I told you, you can use mine if you want? Maybe we can share one week on one off?..ive got a car i can take to work…Wiggy offered you as well remember?..what do ya fancy Honda or Suzuki? ha ha…look, all that aside? Try and see just where you stand as soon as poss and see what u can sort out for another bike? You need to put this behind you and get back on A bike? Yeh you are right, your one is prob either another colour or parts on another R6 and the rest gonna be chucked on ebay OR sold to a bike shop that sells parts? They are ALL pond life and the sad thing is? ONE or SOME of em prob go to places like Ace or Cubana and look out for the bikes they have been TOLD to look for?..hope they got the drugs they wanted with the money they got for nicking your baby, and use it to overdose on the assholes!!

And i am with the other guy that said he would kill someone if they came near to his home and tried to take his bike…and that should go for ANYTHING that we have all worked bluddy hard for and got into debt for !! Why shouldnt we feel like that anyway?

Let me come with you when you pick out another bike girl, you dont have to go to same place you got other one from either, there are many places with reasonable priced bikes, blimey, even EBAY has some !!! Dont worry Andrea mate, it wont be long before you have a offer or get another one…ok it may mean bit more expense again? but hey, you didnt want to buy that house anyway !!! (weak smile)…

I will talk to you soon girl…and before that we were having a cracking night…so lets all do that again soon …we are ALL with you Andrea xxxx

It’s all been said further up but sorry to hear it, Andrea, if they want it that badly there’s not much can be done. Chin up, sweetheart, and get the insurance boys off their ar$e$!

Wiz x

iwill put the word around both our shops just in case

Andrea! you seen this?:

Just seems bit of a coincedence, east london etc.

If ya can make a link the cops might take it bit more serious.