Another bike stolen

All of you who know me will know how much I loved my beautiful red white and black R6, it was stolen from my house at around 5pm tonight and the thieves threatened my neighbour who tried to stop them. Three Asian and one Black guy, in a big whitish transit van in East London, keep an eye out for them, they seem to be doing East London at the moment. I’ll try and get a closer description of them tomorrow and post this here. It is possible that they are monitoring this website, normally my bike would not have been here. So please again, be careful what you post here, it is a public website and I expect all sorts of scum check it out.

Please keep a look out for my baby, reg X595AWA, I expect they’ll have cut it into pieces by now.

On the bitter side, I am just glad to know that my tax money is well spent in stopping bikers going to Chelsea Bridge and that van loads of coppers will turn up to protect the nice Chelsea residents, when they couldn’t be bothered to turn up in East London when a tiny Asian lady rang them to report the theft as well as being threatened by the ****s.

On the other side, thank you to everybody tonight, you were really great, though I still won’t ride a Gixxer (not dyslexic yet), I know you tried to cheer me up, but at the moment I’ve lost my sense of humour. special thanks to AbbeyJ, Kwaked, Blade and Janine who left with me. Blade you really put the bike theft into perspective for me.

Andrea, so sorry to hear this, hope all works out well for you.

they are just scum


Scum!! Sorry to hear this mate, must be gutting for you!

What can you do ??? If they want it that bad, they will do anything

I chain mine with the Almax S2, but I bet they would have ways of cuttuing thru that as well!!!

Oh my god, Andrea I am so sorry to hear this, you must be gutted.

terrible news… I cant imagine there is anything that I can

say that will make you feel better. Sending you big hugs…

so sorry to hear about your bike andrea, dont worry to much,just be thankfull you weren’t on it.

I don’t post here much but read lots. Reading posts like this boils my piss somewhat. What the hell is happening and why hasn’t plod done more to tackle this sort of rubbish. At the very least your neighbour tackled them and didn’t turn a blind eye as is the norm nowdays.

I feel for you. I’ve had bikes stolen in the past and I know the anger/despair that your feeling. I do hope that you get some movement from plod on this as the threat to your neighbour should be taken seriously by the police.

OH NO!! and you said nowt to me last night ?

Really sorry for you girl, real sorry.

sorry to hear about the bike… my friend lives in east london and lost his 3 month old R6 in a similar way… and he’s a copper.

dont know if it will help but there is a website to help find stolen bikes etc

all the best

Andrea, I’m so sorry to hear this, can’t think of any words that will help. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

sorry to hear about your loss andrea hope the insurance act swiftly

Theres no stopping some people … I know that sick feeling all too well when you look outside and your bike/car has gone.

Sorry to hear your bikes gone Andrea.

Sorry to hear about the bike. I reckon i’d end up in jail if i caught someone trying to steal mine.

at the end of the day it can be replaced but i agree that the black rats should be doing mor to combat this type of blatant daylight theft. I know there are coppers on the site and i have a lot of respect for you as individuals but can you please do sort out those who set policy…

oh Andrea, im so sorry to hear that, i wondered why you didnt get to the ace last night. Let me know if i can give ya a lift anywhere,

westie x

****!! sorry about your R6 andrea, lets hope that the insurance does its job and you can get a shiny gixxer!!

So sorry - know the feeling well thought I would never get over the loss of my beloved Hayabusa that was nicked in the same way - my neighbours were threatened with baseball bats !! Same here police never bothered

But on the upside it gave me the chance to fall in love all over again with a new partner - this one has better vital statistics

So share the love and ride on

oh no, really gutted for you…

Sorry to hear about this andrea…best of luck with ins claims etc…ill keep an eye out for it.

Gutted for you.

Yeah, absolute crap darlin…sooooo sorry… and very angry

Shauna sends her concolences too Andrea. I’m sending it for her cos her pc is f*cked.