Annual mileage - I need to get out more


Just put The 250 through its MOT and noticed the annual mileage was down again, just 1,059 miles for the past 12 months??

I’ve done more than that in a single day before now!

All invites to get out more considered, rain or shine. Call me a lightweight but I’m getting too long in the tooth now for shenanigans in sleet, snow and ice.

Ride safe out there


I had a period of a few years where mine was ±200 between MoTs.

Not now, I’m back in the thousands I’m pleased to say.


Only done 4000 so far this year… bit down on the usual.


I do not do icy weather etc. either, so only rode three times last winter. Once in December, January, and February. But done around 14k miles so far this year, which will probably not go up much further now with the weather getting worse.

I have always hated hot weather and loved winter. But already I am missing going out and sitting on the beach in Weston super Mare as I check the forecast for the weekend and it is full of rain. Stupid bike has ruined me.


I’ve done 10k this year so I’m doing well started to go on it less and the major service is due in 2k :sweat_smile:


Done 10’000 this year. Between August 2016 and August 2017 I did a grand total of 34 miles. Which was the distant from home to MOT centre, and back.


I bought my current Honda in April this year and have manage to knock up around 4500 miles this year. I think I’ve put 6500 on the car and 7500 on the van. I do like to share the miles about. Add to this 40,000 in the works vans/lorrys, I think I need to stay at home more.


The tracer did about 10000 the first two years I had it. this year on the tuono I’ve done about 7000, almost all commuting.


45k miles in the last year on the trusty old F800


and if I was a gambling man I’d wager all on the same chain too




belt & no two belts


I’m the same - every winter I keep promising myself that this is it, the next summer is when I do more miles. Reality is - this is the second year in a row when I’ve done far less than a thousand miles over 12 months. Not good…


I missed seeing the bike tick over 20,000 today because I was foolishly paying attention to the road. It happened on the A127 on the way out of Southend.


How do you get -200? :wink:


Pushing it backwards?


Zero for the past 2 years which is pretty pants. I was worried about it getting stolen so stashed it away for a few months which turned into a few years. Since then it’s sat at 25K.


@ Michael and Joby barely run in :wink:

Insurance renewal dropped on the front door mat yesterday morning, thank you Royal Mail.

£91.60 fully comprehensive but with none of the rise any bike etc frills


Jesus. I thought I was bad with 2k miles. I had a broken hand and had to rebuild as well


That’s less than a Euro trip!