Annual mileage - I need to get out more


20k but will be down this year as working from home one day a week now


I’m probably at around 5000 miles in the last 12 months. Down a fair bit on last year because I started cycling to work 2 or 3 days a week so I’ve done around 4000 miles on the bicycle instead.


It takes me longer to commute on a motorcycle than a bicycle once you factor in taking off the billion locks and bike cover!


And donning leathers, helmet, ear-plugs, gloves etc.

Yes, that’s where I am: the most used two-wheeler in my household is the one with pedals.


Oh I wear all that cycling too! J/k


Same here. With the added annoyance that I need to shower at work if the weather is warm.


Just hit 40k miles on my Speed Triple today :+1:


Opps, looks like it’s spanner time! :slight_smile:


Is the 999 warning of a local plod ahead :slight_smile:


Same for me. My door to door commute on the train is 20 minutes. It is 40+ minutes on the bike. Just doesn’t make any sense to ride in.


Fair, though by the apparent standards of this site it seems to be getting there pretty quickly.

Only managed 285 miles so far this year, but last year ended on 16,278 miles. And apart from a few visits to my parents in Lincolnshire (including going up in pouring rain just before Christmas, even though I had train tickets) it was almost entirely from day trips.


Only put 7100 on the Bandit in 2018 - but they were all pure pleasure miles. Ride safe.


Theft has put me off riding into London, and last year I got a new cyclecross bike which I find really comfy and fun to commute on instead (plus I can store it securely), doesn’t take much longer, keeps me somewhat fit and I find it less stressful.

Turned into a weekend warrior :confused: