Annual mileage - I need to get out more


20k but will be down this year as working from home one day a week now


I’m probably at around 5000 miles in the last 12 months. Down a fair bit on last year because I started cycling to work 2 or 3 days a week so I’ve done around 4000 miles on the bicycle instead.


It takes me longer to commute on a motorcycle than a bicycle once you factor in taking off the billion locks and bike cover!


And donning leathers, helmet, ear-plugs, gloves etc.

Yes, that’s where I am: the most used two-wheeler in my household is the one with pedals.


Oh I wear all that cycling too! J/k


Same here. With the added annoyance that I need to shower at work if the weather is warm.


Just hit 40k miles on my Speed Triple today :+1:


Opps, looks like it’s spanner time! :slight_smile:


Is the 999 warning of a local plod ahead :slight_smile:


Same for me. My door to door commute on the train is 20 minutes. It is 40+ minutes on the bike. Just doesn’t make any sense to ride in.