Announcement! :)

LB is going to change this year, as we promised it would, and we’re excited to announce that we’re handing the forums over to the members to get the site and its users closer together.

Not every forum mind, there are simply too many for that to be practical (and possibly just too many, full-stop!), but General, Ride-Outs, Newbies and Trackdays are where we are starting.

We have already asked members we felt would give a great backbone as forum leaders and happily for us these here’s the names of the initial group of people to say yes. So thanks a million for stepping up.





Miss Plum





Miss Plum

Rioting Rob






Rioting Rob




…BUT we do acknowledge that we might have missed people who are keen to get involved.

If that’s you then you can volunteer right here. Name the forum and we’ll add you to the list, simple as that. Just send me a PM.

But before you do, what exactly are we asking you to do? We want the forums to be exciting, vibrant and relevant. As a Forum Leader you would be creating threads, stimulating conversations and topic interest and we’d hope perhaps contributing ideas to making LB an even better community.

It will be a hands-on role although one which is purely voluntary and you’ll be able to walk anytime you want without obligation.

You will also need to be a team player because you’ll need to work as part of the group to get things done.

So what do you think?

I would like to be forum leader of adult section and I would promise more nakedness :smiley:

Can I be the slightly older bloke who sits in the corner giving what he sees as sage advice although most people just think I smell of wee?

By all means! :slight_smile:

as in forum mods?

hm, forum mods should lead by example, be pillars of the community, be fair and objective, preferably read/write/comprehend English

I think that disqualifies roughly 90% of those listed :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


Young people these days have no respect.

How was that?

Not sure what section it would fit in but I am sure you can figure it out:D

I’m with you on the Use of English point.

Not mod’s, leaders! Give them all the responsibility with none of the power :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, great to see you guys stepping up, perfectly timed announcement bearing in mind today’s post moaning about how LB isn’t what it used to be!


They won’t be moderators.

PJ and Shane fulfill that role admirably and with help from Andrew and I we see no need to expand that team.


ah right, k.

still, my points apply to that type too (being an example, fair, objective, English) :wink:

You can put me down for the small bikes/scooters subforum in biketalk!

Happy to take Roadwatch

Surely Pan should take up the Pictures and Videos? :smiley:

+1 :D:)

I think everyone who wants to should get involved - even when there are a few sparks flying it makes things interesting (and of course Herr Schmidt can organise a special Blackheath Rebels section :wink: )

Maybe he could combine it with being Re-post Monitor?:slight_smile:

Oi, I can weed and white:D

Loving the site, and this sounds like a great idea :smiley:

Ooooh, can we have en-mass pot-hole reporting with a map of successes?:slight_smile:

I was at the ACE on Monday and there were not many people there and perhaps no newbies.
Maybe the Newbie folk should be people happy to go to the ACE once a month

I totally agree Herr Schmidt re the list above - most people on it are a very bad example indeed and not the kind you’d want to bump into in an alleyway If LB survives this, it will be down to those who step into the breach and save the day .

I vote Schmidt as leader please (especially on any camping trips)

Seriously though, I think it was really a question of people who use the site quite a lot being asked to help out and be a bit more active in joining in - anyone who wants can get involved in the site - it’s not exclusive in any way. :wink: