And todays bike tip is;

Dont ride off without taking your disc lock off first!


epic schoolboy error!


Any damage?

Scuffed crash bars, and as far as I can tell that’s about it. rolled the bike around while it was quiet this morning and no noises from the discs or the calipers, no apparent rubbing so I think I got away with it.

I have said it before and I will say it again… Disc locks… More damage done than thefts prevented.

But a huge discount on the insurance for having one.

My tip is, if you use a disk lock, use an alarmed one.

So far, no damage ot bikes from using disk locks, and at least one theft prevented.

Am with you on this. I use an Xena disc lock and no chance you will ride off with it attached unless you got unlucky and the batteries drained…

I usually find that if the batteries get low the alarm tends to go off when you don’t want it to rather than the other way round so plenty of notice of dying batteries.

Good to know though the batteries have last almost 18 months so far which surprised me

£2 well spent

Tip: Position the disc lock as close behind the calliper as possible - (if you are going to be setting off forwards) so if you forget to remove it the front wheel will only move fractionally before the lock hits the caliper and you are less likley to do any damage/fall off.

But yeah - you should use the yellow elastic thing.

I used to slip a bit of old fuel pipe over the disc lock key, when I put the lock on I would transfer the fuel pipe to the ignition key - reminding me I had to remove the disc lock before I turned the ignition on. :smiley:

A friend of mine bought me one of those bright springy cable things that you put over the handlebar/clutch lever to remind you the lock is there. Works every time :slight_smile:

Happened to me WITH the reminder! Shows you what a mong I can be. Legend advice from NinjaJunkie though

It’s one of those things. All you need is a small distraction to your routine and you forget. Similar to leaving the keys in the ignition. If you are locking up your bike and one of the neighbours says hello to you it’s easy to do.

I try to count out a sequence, like when I’m taking the bike off the paddock stand.

  1. Is the steering pointing to the left

  2. Is it in gear.

  3. Is the side stand down (perhaps the most important step).

I find that sort of thing helps.

DOH!! but least the crash bars work :smiley:

been there, done that, got the Tshirt. Ninjajunkie has the best idea though

Like all good tips mine comes out of bitter experience . . . ;):smiley:

As an aside, why are you putting disk locks on the front wheel and not the rear?

Good shout, Martin. We’d be wise to follow your teachings…

I did it in the worst way possible…

In front of a packed restaurant in Brighton - loads of people in the window - shiney new megabike - girlfriend on the back - take off and clunk - both of us rolling on the floor much to the amusement of the diners…:blush:

Since then, touch wood, I 've used a springy yellow doodah and no problems:)